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How to ‘Legally’ bend and snap!

Reese Whitherspoon Legally Blonde

How to ‘Legally’ bend and snap! (Reese Witherspoon)

Reese Witherspoon and her portrayal of law student Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde”, was a global hit 15 years ago making the actress a household name. The astonishingly youthful 40 years old pays homage to the film and its famous bend and snap scene by proving that she can still bend and snap with the best of them. A video tutorial was posted on Instagram by Witherspoon to mark the anniversary of the film in order to demonstrate what the bend and snap actually is, and why we should wish to do it. In the film, Elle teaches her manicurist friend how to do the bend and snap move so that she may attract the guy she likes. Essentially, you pretend you are dropping something on the floor and after bending down to pick up the object, you snap back up pushing out the chest area, and the pièce de résistance, you SMILE… Hundreds of ladies shared with Reese, their Instagram photos of themselves doing the bend and snap whilst holding up their law degrees with pride, wearing pink and accessorizing with their pet Chihuahuas. Reese’s on screen Chihuahua companion who starred in the film and its 2003 sequel sadly died aged 18; before the 15 year anniversary. Reese has achieved many successes in her career including Walk the Line, Cruel Intentions and Vanity Fair to name but a few and maintains that Legally Blonde is a meaningful story about female empowerment. The Legally Blonde musical has achieved success on Broadway and in London. What’s next on the cards for Ms. Witherspoon?

Véronique’s Verdict

Well, Reese drew the King of Swords, the Temperance Card and the Prince of Wands. Watching any brilliant actor in action, we may have the misplaced belief that this person is an extension of the part that they play and if previous press reports are anything to go by, Reese Witherspoon could not be further removed from the ditzy and loveable Elle Woods. The King of Swords shows that Reese is contemplating her next move, she is skilled at dealing with adversaries and is an authority on many subjects and issues, she can be perceived as ruthless and even a little heartless but I do feel she tries to be true to the theory behind any decisions that she makes. I feel that she is still in the ideas stage of future ventures, however, there does not appear to be anything concrete in place right now. Temperance tells this hugely successful lady that patience and timing are crucial for her future successes. She has learned to combine the opposing factors of spiritual and material. Perhaps she could show the public that she is able to be a little more merciful and grateful. The Prince of Wands reveals a journey into the unknown, I feel Reese does not like to have her authority challenged and there continues to be a restlessness and ambition within her, wishing to find others on her life path who will further her ambitions. The message with the Prince of Wands change in both the job and the residence and so I feel that there will be something in the pipeline that gets her excited and holds her attention. And providing she can temper her natural impatience, hence the Temperance card, then I see Reese being attracted to a new journey on her career and regaining her passion.

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