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Relationship problems for Diddy and Cassie? Are they back on again?

Relationship problems for Diddy and Cassie? Are they back on again?

Diddy and Cassie have been together since 2002 but things were a little shaky between them last month when an alleged fight broke out at their home. The incident warranted a visit from the Los Angeles police causing Cassie to take a step back from their relationship. Of course, no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors but it was evidently serious enough for the police to be called. And serious enough for Cassie to remove herself from the relationship, albeit temporarily.

Diddy and Cassie’s on-again, off again antics have left everyone wondering, but wonder no more! The stylish couple were in attendance at Béyonce’s soul train themed birthday party in New York so it’s definitely back on. The 46-year-old rapper and his young lady were very much united going by their tactile PDA’s.

Cassie was understated chic in a 70’s style silver skirt and heels, while Jennifer Lopez’s ex, went all out wearing a feathered black big, florals, paisley, and the ‘pièce de résistance’ gold medallion.

So what’s next for the medallion man mega star and the young songstress? Can we hope that they’re back together permanently?

Véronique’s Verdict

Diddy and Cassie drew The Seven of Hearts, The Ace of Pentacles and The Lovers. I feel that this relationship is going in the right direction for the two. Now is the time for them to look at what they have and separate the illusion from the reality. Although they have been together for a while, they are still learning about each other. They will radiate their truth and face the ultimate reality with their feet firmly on the ground.
The Ace of Pentacles shows a new beginning for the couple, and this re-connection will bring the best rewards for them both. There is a greater sense of emotional stability and I feel that they will build on this moving forward.
The Lovers shows the love affair in progress. Diddy and Cassie’s relationship is going through a renaissance period and they will rediscover their passion for each other and balance within their connection. I don’t feel that the love ever left them. This is very much a true love connection at its best. I would say that they are definitely back on and this time for keeps.

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