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Relationship Therapy? Loved up Cara Delevingne talks marriage.

Cara Delevingne

Relationship Therapy? Loved up Cara Delevingne talks marriage.

From troubled supermodel teenager to potential Hollywood star, Cara Delevingne has been slowly but surely transforming her life and now at the grand old age of 23, Cara attributes many of the positive changes to her ‘savior’ partner of 2 years Annie. Following the trend of turning lemons into lemonade, they found sanctuary in each other whilst bonding over childhood traumas that left each of them with deep emotional scars. 2 years is a long time in the land of celebrity and as is true with many strong relationships, theirs has been described as ‘solid’ and ‘honest’. Finding true love with another female at 20 years old, came as a surprise for aristocratic Cara and she admits that she has learned to embrace the miracle of the same-sex relationship she has with the ‘female David Bowie’ who goes by the stage name ‘St Vincent.’ They are believed to have started dating in 2014, going public the following year, sharing their million dollar home in LA with their husky dog Leo.

Véronique’s Verdict

What do the cards say for these two survivors? They drew The Hermit, the Queen of Swords and the Prince of Swords. The Hermit is very much a card that showing their relationship is their own business at this time. The Queen of Swords shows that as a couple, they are very much aware of their own professional power and success. The Prince of Swords reveals that although there may be differences of opinion between them, they have the ability to exchange words without resulting in arguments. I feel that this couple is on the right track and I wish them all the best!

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