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Relying on Faith During these Trying Times

Relying on Faith During these Trying Times

Today we are starting off a new weekly feature here in 7thsense Stories called “Spiritual Saturday”. In this feature, I will focus on all different aspects of spirituality including religion, faith, metaphysical, spell casting (including super easy do-it-yourself spell instructions). If there is something you would like to see covered in this weekly feature, please post a comment below and share your idea. I will most definitely do what I can to address it in a future posting.

For the inaugural posting, I am taking a look at faith and the global COVID pandemic.

A great many individuals define themselves and their lives based on their faith. Over the last ten months, that faith is being considerably tested while at the same time, various studies and surveys indicate that there is a highly increasing number of people turning to faith who never followed any particular path before in an effort to help get through this global pandemic.

I am not talking only about religion as there are big differences among religion, faith and spirituality. While religious people are widely considered spiritual, not all spiritual persons are religious. But during these historically devastating times, we all need something to lean on.

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Faith can bring us together as a society, but it can also rip us apart. In the United States, there is somewhat of a war going on between organized religion and local, county and state governments as public officials struggle to find ways to control the spread of the pandemic. Mandates are in place in many regions preventing traditional church services from taking place including regular weekly services; weddings; milestone events such as first communions, baptisms and bar mitzvahs. Even funerals are banned in many areas which only compounds the pain and anguish of the family and friends left behind when a loved one passes, usually alone, from COVID.

While all of this truly pains my heart and spirit, I also firmly believe that the church and our higher power is within each of us as believers. I have always considered myself a “Christian Witch” and have written about this before here in 7thsense Stories. I spend the day talking with my higher own powers (yes, God and Jesus) then practice my witchy ways at night while never losing sight of my inner strength and what guides me.

There is tremendous power in prayer and faith. I know many people who simply cannot get through a day without it with myself being one of them. No matter how dark, negative and terrifying a situation may be, I know there is a higher power in control of my life. While I do have and exercise my own free will, part of that free will is relying on my faith to see me through.

Increasingly, more and more people are coming to feel the same way as countless individuals world-wide are struggling to make sense of the horrendous nature of 2020.

Our faith is being tested, often on a daily basis. Our faith in a higher power. Our faith in ourselves. Our faith in our different levels of government.

While I am not one to get on my knees in prayer, I do pray VERY frequently. There are times when I may spend up to two hours in solid prayer when working to assist those in need.

It is quite difficult to look around at all the darkness surrounding us this year. It is difficult to understand what kind of higher power would allow such horrid situations, conditions and massive losses. But we all need something to believe in to help us through right now. Even an atheist believes in something.

Draw on your faith. If you feel alone, reach out to someone. There are countless prayer lines and an increasing number of churches and other organized religions and spiritual groups are expanding their online presence in order to reach those who need a lift up or a way to exercise their faith in this time of social distancing, closures and quarantines.

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for this article! I too am a Christian Witch and one of those you have returned deeply to God and the teachings of Jesus. I consider myself spiritual … not religious. My church lies within and community with my family and closest friends (who except me my gifts). I have taken this difficult time to share my Faith and prayers on social networks because I strongly believe that if I can inspire hope or comfort just one person at a time I am fulfilling my purpose. We need Hope, Love and Kindness during these uncertain times.
    I don’t believe anything is coincidental… this article is proof of that. Working together for the greater good. I will be sharing it!!
    Blessings and again Thank you!! ?✝️

    1. Nina, I very much appreciate you taking time to read this posting, sharing your comment and sharing the posting with others. At times such as we are living through now, we must lean on each other but more importantly on our faith. It is always nice to meet others of like mind but it is even better when those people share what they hold within to assist others in these trying times. You are doing a good thing in sharing your faith while not forcing it on any other person. Continue doing what you do and reach as many people as you can. We all need it.
      Thank you and blessings.