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Rescued dog rescues little girl

Rescued dog rescues little girl

Rescued dog rescues little girl

We all know the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. Is it true the other way around? Meet Peanut, formerly known as Petunia. Her former owners abused her and she was a complete mess when she got to the Delta Animal Shelter last April. She had “2 broken legs, a belly full of carpet and broken ribs”.

Today she is part of a loving family and has a new life. Although, part of her past stayed with her. Will she ever be able to forget all the abuse that led to her miserable condition? Not sure, but she brought along something ‘positive’, too. A sort of sixth sense. Or at least that’s what her new family believes, since Peanut miraculously saved the life of a three-year-old.

The little girl was shivering outside in the cold, without proper cloths. She was curled into a ball, a sight that might have reminded Peanut of her own predicament. Although she couldn’t have possibly seen the little girl, she somehow sensed her misery.

She alerted her owners, refusing to stop jumping around and barking until they let her go outside. Once out, Peanut’s first task was to run up to the girl, as if wanting to protect her. They called 911, and it turned out that the girl’s parents lived nearby, under “unsafe and unsanitary living conditions.”

If it wasn’t for Peanut, the girl might not be alive now. Delta Animal Shelter shared a letter from Peanut’s new family on Facebook. The ‘rescued rescue dog’ became a true hero in Michigan and probably all over the World. Probably the most amazing part of the letter said: “By the time the ambulance and police arrived, the little girl could only say one thing – ‘doggie’”.

An incredible story and yet it’s true. The girl is okay and safe now, thanks to Peanuts. Let’s honour his heroic act by consulting the cards. What is in store for the little girl and Peanut?

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Eight of Pentacles:
It seems like Peanut has a higher purpose in life. She was focused on saving the little girl’s life. Even if that meant ‘remembering’ her own circumstances. We can learn something from every situation, and Peanut didn’t leave the past fully behind, either. She will make sure others don’t go through the same thing as she did. Well, in her own special way, of course.

Three of Wands:
Peanuts life changed for the better, and she is happy now. Her opportunities have been expanded, and she is in control. She deserves it, too.

The World:
This event opened up a whole new world of possibilities in front of Peanut. Her struggles are over, and with her help, the little girl’s struggles are, too. Both can look forward to a happier future.


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