Resisting Hidden Truths With The Eight Of Swords Tarot

Eight of Swords

Resisting Hidden Truths With The Eight Of Swords Tarot

Whenever the Eight of Swords card, with it’s blindfolded and bound hands figure, shows up in someone’s reading spread, I know there will usually be a lot of resistance to the information given to them to change the situation they are in.

It is a card that shows being unable to see what the real issue is and bound by self-imposed denial and confusion. It is what I call a teaching card, to help light the way to see how you are refusing to see the real truth of a self-imposed prison of thought, feeling trapped and hopeless in a situation that has not changed because of your own thought process.

You are struggling to see the truth of a situation for what it is and may not have all the facts or possibly untruths may come into play which blinds you to the real solution. In order to do this, you must go within and see if you are dealing with the situation or someone with a mindset of “there is no way out.”

It is time to be honest with yourself and others in order to be free of the burden of fear or guilt that is implied with the Eight of Swords. Taking a different approach of not looking at the struggle as one big picture but breaking it down into smaller choices of addressing first things first and then going from there.

Feeling powerless

We often feel powerless when the Eight of Swords shows up, having surrendered your power to an outside source and feeling you are at an impasse and the only solution is a change from the outside first before you can be rescued.

In general, when the Eight of Swords appears, you are holding yourself back because you fear moving into the future or because of getting hurt, which may possibly be completely unfounded. Think what your biggest fear is in the situation and then skip past that scenario and think in the strength of how you would handle it.

You must be open to losing and failure in order to win. Moving into the unknown is how we begin to see ourselves as strong and capable of handling anything with the help of the Divine. Make sure your thoughts, speech, and behavior are free of negativity, hopelessness, blame or giving up.

Carry the attitude and knowing that you hold the power by what you say and do and the choices that you make will affect all the outcomes in your life. Ask for help, if you need it.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

When Career is being addressed, it usually means you are unhappy with your job or work. If you hate your work, start shifting the belief that you are stuck and don’t have the power to change your situation, there are always options if you stay open to them. There may not be a whole lot that you can do to change the work environment you are in now but it does not stop you from looking for a different and better situation.

When Love enters the picture, the Eight of Swords suggest that you need to seriously re-evaluate the relationship you are in. You may be sticking with someone that is actually bad for you, since you figure it’s “better than nothing.” If you are unhappy in a relationship, move on and make room in your heart for someone that you will be happy with.

If we are talking Money, this card is a heads up on how you handle your finances. If you believe your bad financial luck will never change, you can be guaranteed you will fulfil that prophecy and it will remain your reality. Start thinking in terms of money getting better for you. Look into an extra part time job or any new income possibilities that you might not have thought of before.

Health is definitely a category where you want to pay attention if this card shows up in your reading asking about a health situation. It points to the urgency of how we are thinking and handling troublesome symptoms or a persistent health condition. Take your fearful blindfold off, address the issue and absolutely do not expect the worst. You do not want to create an energetic hotbed for making it worse than it really is.

In your Spirituality, the Eight of Swords tells you that you already have the answers you are looking for within you. Thinking that some guru or uplifting teacher has ALL the solutions for you is a co-dependent danger. Seek guidance if wanted but also spend time in the quiet, in nature and in meditation. The answers will come from a song, a book, a picture or an inspiring word from a friend.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

There are always solutions to every issue. It is about taking the blindfold off and seeing the world, yourself and others in a more loving and kind way. What you thought bound you might just be the very issues that free you from the ego’s lies of being weak and helpless.

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  2. I really need some insight into the relationship I have recently committed to and the relationship I recently got out of; I need to know which one I should pursue