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Resolving issues in the month of March

Since the end of February, I have taken many calls from our customers who have been experiencing strains on personal romantic relationships as well as with family, friends, coworkers, and even neighbors.

I would like to concentrate on personal romantic relationships since that seems to be the most pervasive issue with most. If you are still dealing with issues that have not been resolved in relationship matters and your relationship existed prior to March of 2020 or started about in that time frame, then I would like to point out some astrological and environmental events that could have been part of the culprit.

In the third month of 2020, many events began the unravelling cycle of a tumultuous zero factor year as we began this new decade. In the US for instance, on March 16th, is when Covid-19 was first officially identified and formally announced as a pandemic. What followed is what has griped our world even to this very today. Many astrologers have referred to these times as “astrological bubbles”, and with the almost back to back Mercury retrogrades in the fourth-quarter of that same year, this further augmented frustrations in personal romantic relationships. With the lockdowns, quarantines, businesses shuttering, etc., this put a stresses on all of our relationships.

Astrological events set to open a corridor of communication

Since that time, we have all had to struggle with other factors brought into our personal relationships because of these confining circumstances. In other words, relationships began to decay because of these stresses. The same kinetics unfortunately, still exist today in the threatening world we live in now.

With the rising fuel costs, supply-chain disruptions, saber rattling by other countries unfriendly to our way of life, and global economic uncertainty, these conditions have infiltrated us individually, and collectively.

However, we get a real break here in the month of March 2022 henceforth, and during the first three weeks of April. Surprisingly, as our world seems to be embroiled in events outside of our control, on a personal and astrological note, we do have salvation here. Beginning this week between March 20th-April 21st, we have a series of astrological events that will open up a corridor of communication that will be just what we need now. I am limited to go into detail as what these events are, but they will affect us all in a very positive way. These events will allow us to address issues that have been pervasive especially in romantic relationships that may have fallen on deaf ears before.

A feeling of hope and resolution

Resolutions to heartfelt frustrations that may have been disrupted by that feeling of, “walking on eggs shells” by which conditions did not appear before that hope was on the horizon.
So, even though your relationships may be dangling on a thread, patience and vigilance will soon prevail! Our universe always works in unison with our desires, hopes, and dreams no matter what we may be surrounded by.

I realize that this may seem farfetched to you now, but please take my advice because we may not have this window of opportunity again until after we get through the next Mercury retrograde coming up on May 10, 2022 – June 02, 2022. Please also remember that the Mercury retrograde shadow will last until about June 10th of this year.

Please call me, so that I will be better able to assess your circumstances, and assist you in using this wonderful opportunity this spring. Time is of the essence now, for new beginnings!

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