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RHONJ Joe Giudice’s drunken outburst at wife Teresa. Is it all over?

rhonj joe giudice

RHONJ Joe Giudice’s drunken outburst at wife Teresa. Is it all over?

The real housewives of New Jersey took a sinister turn when 44-year-old Joe Giudice’s alcohol intake resulted in threats of physical violence to his family. Evidently, he is under a lot of pressure right now, what with his impending jail time for fraud. He threatened wife Teresa after she told him he was just like his father following his alcohol intake.

Teresa managed the volatile situation in a calm and measured manner asking him to leave. She seemed to have a good understanding of Joe’s thought processes and why he was behaving in this way. She said that he was drinking more alcohol lately and had mood swings that he was not managing very well. Something of an understatement.

Loyal to the end, Teresa has defended her husband despite his hurtful words and actions. She believed it was the booze talking rather than Joe, offering sympathy to the man who would soon leave his family. She revealed that there was a lot of anger directed towards him at this time which has not helped his mood.

Joe caused further controversy on the show when he invited a convicted felon to Teresa’s book launch of her prison memoir, Turning the Tables. Teresa dedicated her book to Joe telling him that it was their story. She insists that she loves him more than ever and that he is her soulmate.

 Véronique’s Verdict

The family relations here do not appear to be the healthiest but of course, the viewers see the heavily edited version of events. We drew The Star, The Prince of Swords and The Nine of Hearts. These are surprisingly positive cards for their situation. 

The Star shows an honesty between Joe and Teresa and a deep affection. I feel that they will take the time to recharge and regroup within the family and put in place future plans around how they will work together moving forward.

The Prince of Swords is very much Joe’s card. This is one guy who likes to have his own way and does not like to be challenged. I feel that he is naturally antagonistic and believes that it should be the role of others to maintain cordial relationships within the family. I don’t feel that he will make great changes rather he will turn on the charm when it serves him and he stands to gain.

The Nine of Hearts shows the happy ever after. Teresa manages Joe’s angry outbursts in the best way.  I feel that they will put this traumatic incident down to experience and consider it to be yesterday’s news. Definitely not over for these two and a definite yes to a soulmate connection. Watch this space!

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