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What touched RHONY Bethenny Frankel ’s heart this week?

Rhony Bethenny Frankel

What touched RHONY Bethenny Frankel ’s heart this week?

Bethenny Frankel, from Real Housewives of New York had her heart broken this week. But not in the normal way for ladies from this series. Bethenny heard about the little girl who was abandoned at a bus stop in New York on November 14th. The child’s mother’s body was later found in her apartment. Bethenny wanted to know how you would go about adopting a child like this. It is certainly a heart-warming gesture and shows us the soft side of Bethenny. To be honest, I never doubted Bethenny’s heart for a moment, but this only goes to prove me right.

To Bethenny: What a sweet gesture to put forward. I know it is very frustrating when you know there are children out there who are hungry, lost or cold. Children that only for the sake of red tape could share your warm heart and home. Children whose empty stomachs could easily be filled in your kitchen. But sadly, it’s all a part of what is wrong with the world. Red tape that was put there to protect, can also stop them from getting help without intending to do so. I share your concern for this poor little child, and the years she must go through without her mother. All we can do is keep her in our hearts and hope that the world is kind to her from here on in.

Let’s throw out some cards for you Bethany and see what they say is in store for you in the coming months.

The Fool Card
This is a brave card. It is about stepping into the unknown and going on blind faith alone. Your belief that something can be a certain way is enough to drive you to challenge it. This is a sign of someone with a good head on their shoulders and a brave heart. People who get the fool card, do make mistakes, but they also achieve where others are afraid to rock the boat.

The Death Card
This is the card of a bright new day. There is a new beginning, and a chance to correct mistakes of the past and consign them to the bin where they belong. This is new, this is clean. Like a clean slate giving you the space to write a new story where an old one was once written. Yes, despite its name, this is one of the best cards to get in a deal. Mainly because it’s a new start.

The Strength Card
With this card, you overcome your fears. The previous two cards told us of getting a new start. Some of this will be in places that you have already been and would rather not return too. But by confronting them and revisiting them, you can overcome any doubts that you once had. Sometimes, when we come back to familiar ground, we do so as a stronger person. Leave fear at the door and step in.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

It’s a time to do the unthinkable. Stuff that you would never have pictured yourself doing in a million years. But it’s all for the better result. There are areas of your life where you felt you could have done better. These areas need to be revisited. If for no other reason than you can close the door on them and move on. A new beginning is on the horizon, one with which you can put these things right. I feel there are family members related to the child who will care for her. So rest assured she will be fine.

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