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Richard Cabral splits from wife Janiece Sarduy. Is life imitating art?

Janiece Sarduy Richard Cabral

Richard Cabral splits from wife Janiece Sarduy. Is life imitating art?

American Crime star Richard Cabral has issued divorce papers to deception and lies actress Janiece Sarduy after two years of marriage. The couple separated in June earlier this year. Richard is reportedly seeking custody of their two-year-old daughter.

The Emmy-nominated actor is famous for playing Hector Tontz in American Crime. He has been very open about his own life of crime as a former gang member whose violence formed part of everyday life. Richard went on to serve a five-year prison sentence during his twenties. The details understandably kept very much to himself.

Richard has turned his life around admirably gaining positive career success after a life of notoriety. The 32-year-old actor is evidently used to taking care of his own personal affairs and has filed for divorce without the help of lawyers.

Véronique’s Verdict

Richard drew the Prince of Pentacles, The Hierophant and the Four of Pentacles. The energy around Richard is a stubborn one at this time and this is revealed by The Prince of Pentacles. He wished to move on to greener pastures during his younger years and chose to cultivate the ground beneath him, taking responsibility to launch himself into the career that he wanted for himself. I feel that there is an unwillingness to compromise and Richard appears very much focused on himself and his own wants and needs.

The Hierophant shows the desire to preserve what he believes to be his right. His commitment is to himself but he does appreciate that there are certain practical considerations and conventions to follow.

The Four of Pentacles shows that he has worked hard to gain materially and this is something that he is not prepared to give up without a fight. He should understand that true security is not measured with money but comes from within, his values and self-worth cannot be taken away. I feel that Richard will continue to create the tapestry of his own life in order to gain the security that he desires moving forward. He has experienced many emotions during his 32 years but there appears to be a distinct lack of emotion here. He feels very much in control of his own destiny and I do not sense that he will allow the history of his past to encroach on what he wants for himself for the future.

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