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Richard Gere Gets Handsy With Girlfriend Alejandra Silva On The Red Carpet

Richard Gere Gets Handsy With Girlfriend Alejandra Silva On The Red Carpet

Richard Gere Gets Handsy With Girlfriend Alejandra Silva On The Red Carpet

Richard Gere, 67, got very handsy with his girlfriend Alejandra Silva, 34, at the Madrid premiere of his new film “Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer”! The chemistry between the Hollywood star and the Spanish publicist, who have a 33-year age difference, was clearly evident. Gere looked dapper in a simple black suit and a white button-down shirt, while his ladylove looked gorgeous in a black-and-white striped gown. She wore her blonde locks in curls and kept her accessories to minimum with some silver jewelry. The “Pretty Woman” star looked quite protective of his much-younger girlfriend, keeping her next to him at all times on the red carpet. During numerous shots, he kept at least one of his arms around her waist. Alejandra looked just as infatuated with Richard, putting her hand on his chest as a display of affection. The couple looked like they were having a good time as they erupted into laughter a couple of times while posing for pictures.

Since the beginning their relationship, they’ve been inseparable. And things were no different at the Madrid premiere. The couple proved they’re still well in the honeymoon phase with a tactile display of affection, reaffirming her comments yesterday that she doesn’t suffer from jealousy despite her older boyfriend’s fame. The couple looked very much in love at they hugged on the red carpet. Alejandra, a publicist, was all smiles for the cameras while Richard kept up his trademark aloofness. Their adorable red carpet appearance comes following a visit to the Nino Jesus Children’s Hospital in Madrid, Spain for a charity presentation. Gere and Silva have been dating since 2015. He has previously been married twice. Richard tied the knot with Cindy Crawford in 1991 and divorced in 1995. In 2002, he married Carey Lowell and their divorce was finalized in 2016.

Is This Another Long-Term Relationship For Gere?

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Richard Gere does not ever go into a relationship lightly, regardless of how it ends so I would say his intentions are staying with Silva for quite a while or as long as he can keep up with her! Lol!

The Tower:
This card is being blindsided and having the rug pulled out from underneath you. I feel this card shows how this relationship came about for both of them. Not expecting it and caught them both by surprise.

Ten of Cups: Inverted (Upside Down)
This card is emotional dreams coming true. Being pulled inverted, I believe it supports my above statement that both were a little surprised when they realized their intense attraction for each other.

Five of Cups:
This card is about disappointments and letting go of the past. I feel this is Gere’s attitude about this relationship, not comparing it to anything from his past and taking the approach of “let’s just see where this goes”.


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