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Have Rihanna and Drake split for good?

Rihanna and Drake split

Have Rihanna and Drake split for good?

Yes folks, it’s official. Rihanna and Drake have split again, but will it be forever? This, sadly is the path of love and anyone who has ever been in a real relationship will understand that this is all part of a very natural course. A source close to the couple stated “They will always be close, if they end up together, it could happen, but not now”. They say the path of true love never runs smooth.

Rihanna says that she doesn’t want to be tied down. So perhaps this butterfly needs to flap a little longer before settling on a flower. We will look at the cards to see what they say, but from a psychic level, if these two souls were meant to be together on this journey through life, then career would not be an obstacle.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say about you two Rihanna and Drake?

The Two of Cups.

This is the heart card and the relationship card.


You have chosen to loosen the restraints of being a couple. You still have warm feelings, but this is where is seems to stop. They are the feelings of a true friend and your honesty, although painful is to be commended. The two of cups shows the warmth between the couple, but that’s not enough to make it work.

The fool card

This is the card of taking chances.


You took the chance in pursuing love. Since time began this dance has been danced by almost every man and woman. It is something that is hardwired into us, but sadly this one was not meant to be. If Rihanna was the one, then it would have lasted. There would be no doubts, no hesitation.

The Hermit card

The card of isolation and rejection.

To Rihanna. You chose your career over this relationship. No one can begrudge you this, but sadly if this was meant to be, it would be. Love fits into many categories and perhaps this one was just in the wrong place. It is sometimes better to put these relationships in the right place from the start.

To Drake. You may not see it now because your heart is still in the love zone, but unless it weighs in from both sides you must walk away. You have a good heart which you have proven is worthy of another good heart. The right one will come.

The verdict.

Sadly, this relationship had the ability, but it was all weighed on one side. They have parted as friends. The Hermit card shows a loneliness and isolation which is normal, but the withdrawal is only until the heart heals. A new day will dawn for Drake and his heart will find it’s match, but it’s not this one.

We extend our best wishes to both parties.

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