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Rita Ora flashes tomorrow’s laundry exiting a chopper!

Rita orla

Rita Ora flashes tomorrow’s laundry exiting a chopper!

Rita struggled to climb out of a helicopter whilst on her way to the America’s Next Top Model shoot, failing to protect her modesty. Rita admitted that she knew the Philipp Plein chainmail shift dress would be risky. The new host of the show arrived with co-star Ashley Graham. Tyra Banks, the founding member and former host of ANTM continues to be involved and supports Rita in this new venture. Rita has also bagged a new record contract after settling the legalities with her former record label owned by Jay-Z. Are things finally looking up for Rita Ora?

Véronique’s Verdict

Rita drew the Five of Hearts, the Two of Pentacles and the Prince of Wands. Rita has been in the news for many reasons recently, some not so good.  We are shown that there is hope for Rita after a harmonious relationship has been shattered, she has experienced unkindness, loss, and feelings of deep vulnerability but this card foretells that she will be back to full bloom. The Two of Pentacles shows a change of pace and with it, cold hard cash! Change may feel uncomfortable but she is back! The Prince of Wands shows new work opportunities presented to Rita and she has reported that there will be a new single from her alongside the new show. Her original thinking will make her an asset and while she does not wish to reinvent the wheel, I feel that she will do her best to make things her own and work with others who will assist in furthering Rita’s career and ambitions.

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