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Whose dream baby is all over the news?

Whose dream baby is all over the news? Rob Kardashian

Whose dream baby is all over the news?

Well her picture appeared on the media this morning, and everyone is buzzing and gone all broody over her. She looks like a China doll, but who is she? Well, congratulations to Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian on the arrival of their baby girl. The couple has never shared a picture of their first child together. But Chyna could not resist the temptation to show her new daughter off to her fans. The little girl made her appearance on November 10th and mother and baby are doing fine. According to the internet this morning they have chosen the name “Dream”. The name wasn’t released straight away, but even celebrities have the right to keep some things within the family for a while.

To Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Congratulations from everybody here at the 7th Sense Psychics. Another little soul has entered this world, and you both were the gateway for her entrance. This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly, as she is a complete little universe within herself. She will be as unique as any star in the universe, as there will never be another like her. Over the next while, we look forward to hearing about her progress and your adjustment to baby number two in your lives. Enjoy every step of the journey.

Here’re a few cards around the event which have just happened for you, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.

The Ace of Cups This is the card that spells out the gift that you have been given. It’s very easy for people to become complacent that pregnancy leads to a baby. This sadly is not always the case. So, when it does happen, it’s important to realise the true miracle that has happened. Fame and finance are no guarantees when faced with mother nature. Your little one had a long difficult journey just to get to your arms.

Strength is what you will need to guide her through this world. We cry when we enter it, perhaps for a reason. There will be times in life where she must fight her own battles, be her own person. Even when faced with those who would prefer if she wasn’t. She is born with strength, how you nurture it will show in how she can fight her own battles as she grows, but it’s important she learns understanding also, as Karma needs balance, and needs respect.

King of Cups This is Daddy’s Card. As with most little girls, she will navigate towards the man in the life. She will learn from you how she should treat men, and how they should treat her. It’s important she sees that you respect women, or she may end up with someone who doesn’t respect her. It’s also important that she respects you, or she may learn to have no respect for men. Either way, you are her learning curve, her guide and her protector.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

It would be easy to say that your daughter is a blank canvas yet to be developed. But that is not so. She comes to the world with a complete and well-developed soul. She comes to the world with her own likes, dislikes and moods. How you teach her will influence those strengths. How you allow her to shine, will allow these gifts come to the forefront for all to see. It would be a bit premature to predict her events over the next 12 months, as they will be filled with teething and sleepless nights and crawling and walking. All the things that make us human. Regardless of all this, step back and watch this little flower unfold into the beautiful flower that she will be.

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