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Why are Rob Kardashian family scared for his life?

Rob Kardashian rob kardashians family are concerned

Why are Rob Kardashian family scared for his life?

Rob Kardashian family are concerned about his weight gain. Since he and Blac Chyna split 2 months ago, he has retreated from life and is gaining weight fast. He apparently will not walk out his front door. And even missed the baby shower that was thrown especially for him. His weight is apparently near 300 lbs. Blac Chyna showed up for an appearance to promote “Rob & Chyna” but Rob sadly was a no show.

Rob, I can totally relate to the weight issue, as I’m sure many millions of people in today’s world can. It’s obvious you are in a depression. This is a very dark and lonely room to be in. but it’s important you know that there is a door to that room. And you can open it and let some light in. It’s obvious your weight gain is tied in with your happiness or lack of it. But rather than helping it will only make things a lot worse. I can speak from first-hand experience here Rob. Just by making a few small changes, you can change your world. Things will change, and the light will come back on. Do not be afraid to reach out for help if it is needed. Depression is something that is understood now, not like before. So speak and you will be helped. Depression brings on weight and weight brings on depression. Deal with one and the other will follow.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say about Rob’s world?

The Three of Swords speaks of the relationship problems you are having. At a time when you should be happiest, you feel excluded and isolated. This shows that you do care about this relationship and the children within it. Withdrawing because it is being derailed, is the exact opposite of what you should be doing at this time. Step forward and be counted. Show your children that you are the Father they need.


The Eight of Swords is all the outside pressure you feel at various places in your life. It’s bad enough having relationship problems. But when the outside world is looking in and giving their opinion. Then it’s very hard to do the right thing. But remember there are only two adults in this relationship Rob. That is, you and Blac Chyna. No one else matters. Find what is broken and fix it. Drawing back is the easy thing to do. But it will fix nothing.


The King of Cups is where your heart is at this moment. It is dedicated as it always was. There are deep feelings in there. But like most men, these are locked away, and unspoken because that’s not what men do. This is rubbish. Why do you think there are so many unhappy men? Because they live in a prison created by society. Once where they can’t speak when it hurts because it’s not the man’s way. Forget society. Find your happiness Rob.


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