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Rob Kardashian’s trust issues and Blac Chyna’s tears. Can they make it?

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Rob Kardashian’s trust issues and Blac Chyna’s tears. Can they make it?

The path of true love has certainly been challenging for the Kardashian sibling and his fiancée. Pregnant Chyna has reached the conclusion that Rob has trust issues. Something of an understatement. Evidently, Rob has been checking Chyna’s cell phone and he’s not happy with what he’s found. A bemused Chyna does not understand why he would do that. On the other hand, Chyna’s has taken issue with Rob’s texting other females.

To be fair, Rob did try to make amends with Chyna by offering her flowers, which she promptly threw in their pool.

It seems that the arguing is a bit much for the only Kardashian brother who has reached out to the family for support which has been in abundance from his mother and his sisters, notably from Kim who has addressed Rob’s depression and raised the question of how he’s going to manage when the baby is born.

Chyna is beginning to doubt Rob’s commitment to her and the baby, questioning whether he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Interesting times!

Véronique’s Verdict

I know that nine months is a long time in the world of celebrity but I think there will be many happy and relieved people when the baby is born. Rob and Chyna have openly aired their grievances with each other and this makes their problems seem bigger than they actually are. The couple drew the Five of Hearts, the Ace of Wands and the Prince of Wands.

Rob and Chyna’s disappointment in each other has been evident, but the love that they have for each other knows no bounds and so they will make every conscious effort to overcome their issues. Chyna should understand that any feelings of emotional vulnerability will pass. The ace of wands is the new beginning and the positive change within their relationship. I feel that Rob should have more faith in himself as a potential father and as a man, however, he is not there yet. The prince of wands shows change for the better. I feel that Rob will learn to step up but right now his leadership is in question as he comes across a little self centred. There is a restlessness within him and he is seeking ways in which to improve himself. I feel that Rob and Chyna have an understanding of what their relationship is about. Yes, things will change when the baby arrives and they will encounter a new set of challenges. Should someone call supernanny in readiness; Rob!

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