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Actor Robert Hardy Who Played Cornelius Fudge In ‘Harry Potter’ Movies, Dead At 91

Actor Robert Hardy Who Played Cornelius Fudge In ‘Harry Potter’ Movies, Dead At 91

Actor Robert Hardy Who Played Cornelius Fudge In ‘Harry Potter’ Movies, Dead At 91

British actor Robert Hardy, best known for playing Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge in the “Harry Potter” films, has died, according to BBC News. He was 91. “It is with great sadness that the family of Robert Hardy announced his death, following a tremendous life: a giant career in theatre, television and film spanning more than 70 years,” his three children, Emma, Justine and Paul, wrote in statement. No cause of death was given at this time, but Hardy reportedly died at a retirement home for actors in London.

Hardy appeared as Cornelius Fudge in four “Harry Potter” films ― “Chamber of Secrets,” “Prisoner of Azkaban,” “Goblet of Fire” and “Order of the Phoenix” and who was often at odds with the series’ titular hero, be it smearing his name in The Daily Prophet or sending Dementors to Hogwarts. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling took to Twitter to remember the late actor with a sweet tribute after news of his death broke:
# “So very sad to hear about Robert Hardy. He was such a talented actor and everybody who worked with him on Potter loved him,” she wrote. Apart from time spent in the world of witchcraft and wizardry, Hardy was known for his roles in “Sense And Sensibility and “Frankenstein,” as well as starring on the British television show “All Creatures Great and Small.”

“Dad is also remembered as a meticulous linguist, a fine artist, a lover of music and a champion of literature, as well a highly respected historian and a leading specialist on the longbow. He was an essential part of the team that raised the great Tudor warship The Mary Rose,” the family’s statement continued. Hardy also won acclaim for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the “Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years,” which he was honored with a BAFTA award. He would play the British Prime Minister six times throughout his decades-spanning career. “Gruff, elegant, twinkly and always dignified, he is celebrated by all who knew him and loved him, and everyone who enjoyed his work,” the statement finished.

Let Us All Raise Our Wizard Wands In A Fond Farewell To A Great Actor!

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Hardy was definitely defined in the movie world as a great supporting character actor. I believe his love of the craft is what propelled him through his long career. He just wanted to act and the rest of it was not all that important.

Strength: This card shows he had a strong personality and the essence of one who they say fills the room when they enter. Larger than life!

Seven of Wands:
A card showing being challenged and making a stand. I feel this card could mean Hardy wanted to act longer than there were parts available for him or being physically able to which frustrated him.

Eight of Pentacles:
Inverted (Upside Down)
This is working hard at a life situation or craft. Since pulled inverted, I believe it supports my above-mentioned statement of Hardy wanting to work as an actor until his last breath and would have been happy to have passed away on stage in character if he could have.

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