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Rocco Richie is happy not to live with Mom.

Rocco Richie Madonna

Rocco Richie is happy not to live with Mom.

Rocco Richie, the teenage son of Madonna has posted a statement on Instagram to say he is so glad he doesn’t live with his Mom anymore. Most of the media are reporting this as shocking. I, however, think this is your normal teenage son having a joke rant and nothing more. Rocco was recently busted for the possession of pot and his Mom vowed to stand by her son. This is exactly what Mothers do. Hands up any parent who did not have some kickback with their teenagers? The comment was made after Madonna did the mannequin challenge in the dining room of their New York city home. Madonna apparently had some food hanging out of her mouth in the clip. It was then that Rocco commented, “I’m so glad I don’t live with my Mom now”. So, it would appear to have been just a kid having a laugh.

To Rocco Richie:
At the end of the Day, Madonna is your Mom. You may not always agree with her, but that’s not how this relationship is supposed to work. She’s your Mom, not your friend. When all your friends have up and gone, she will be the one person who would walk barefoot on broken glass to get to you. Then possibly give out because you didn’t tidy your room. She is your Mother, the one and only. Sadly, we only get one Mother in this life and some don’t realise how valuable she is until it’s too late. Never let a moment slip by when you don’t take the chance to tell her how valuable she is to you.

Let’s take some cards out around your future Rocco Richie and see where the road is taking you.

The Nine of Wands:
Wands are imagination and energy. You have quite a good pedigree for both. I feel with this card there is a leaning towards your father’s side of the career rather than your mothers. This is as far as offers and opportunity are concerned. The Rebel in Rocco wants to carve his own path and his own career. Independent of either, but containing a little of both. You have a good footing for anything you want to be.

The Three of Wands:
This is a little confusing for someone starting out. You want to be everything and anything. The world is full of opportunities and a young mind can’t settle on anything solid. This may annoy your parents a little. We do tend to forget that we were once that restless teenager, with all the same imagination and drive. The difference is we know what come later. That would take the fun out of life. At the moment, you have a rite of passage to be a teen with a free spirit. You must combine this with a sensible head.

The Four of Cups:
This is the card of love and you are extremely lucky that you have this in abundance. Never underestimate what it offers you. Rich or poor, this alone can get a person through life. Simply because it is the buffer zone against the world when things go wrong. No one is immune to things going wrong in their world. The number four offers you balance, just as the legs of a chair keeps it stable.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

The only thing wrong with Rocco Richie is a condition known as youth. It hits everyone differently, but it will pass all too soon, leaving us with nothing but the memories. We can make those memories good ones or bad ones. We have the ability to do either. The good ones are always more valuable. These cards show a young man with a good head and heart. Yes, you will make mistakes. That is part of the lesson in life. It’s how you handle those mistakes that show us the man you will be. The remarks on Instagram didn’t come across as cruel to me. Just a son having a joke. The new year gives you another chance to clean the slate with the media. June of 2017 appears to be a valuable month for you.

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