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Rolling Stone for Sale & the Future of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rolling Stone for Sale & the Future of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rolling Stone for Sale & the Future of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Jann Wenner had a dream that goes back to 1967 and beyond. He wanted to unite every fan of rock ‘n’ roll, providing them with guidance, support, and facts about the industry. So, he co-created a magazine named after the biggest icons in the history of the genre. The Rolling Stone soon became the go-to place for rock ‘n’ roll lovers. It quickly lived up to its name and then some.
It not only reported on the current musical trends but also expanded to become a general entertainment magazine. A bit controversial at times, and with a roller-coaster-like readership, yet it stood its ground throughout the years.
However, one has to decide when a dream has overgrown its dreamer. And this happened in this case as well. Rolling Stone is up for sale. The remaining 51%, that is, as Jann Wenner already sold 41% back in 2013. Now the time has come for a massive change regarding the future of the popular magazine.
The 71-year-old co-founder is “thrilled to find the right home to build on the strong foundation and grow the business exponentially.” Which is all nice, but it leaves us with an urgent question. Has Wenner truly created something ethereal, a brand that will always be remembered, no matter what?
There are rumours that this decision was due to recent allegations made against the company, claiming they posted fake articles. Although the Rolling Stone managed to settle the lawsuit, it might just have been the last straw. So, what’s the truth? Is this the end of a dream, or simply a case of Wenner letting that dream live on without him? What’s behind the decision to sell his remaining 51% shares?

Let’s ask the cards.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Seven of Swords: Wenner feels a need to let go of his project, and leave it in capable hands. Dealing with the upcoming (and existing) issues will be left to the future generation. He has done all he could to keep the magazine afloat, and now it’s time to ‘retire’.

Six of Wands: Rolling Stone is going to build on its existing reputation in the future. This is the time to reap the rewards of all the hard work of the years. Despite the allegations and problems, both Wenner and the magazine can keep their heads held high. Their achievement is remarkable!

Ten of Cups: Rolling Stone shall find its next rightful owner (or the other way round). There is lots of recognition and positive change is in store for the magazine. And of course, for the future of rock ‘n’ roll!

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