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Romantic Hauntings: When Love Never Ends


Romantic Hauntings: When Love Never Ends

As a huge fan of the paranormal, I am fascinated by all sorts of spirits. Today, I’ve decided to present you with some of my favorite otherworldly love stories in the form of reported hauntings around the world. Are you ready for some afterlife romance? Keep reading!

The Ghosts of Doña Elena and King Felipe II at The House of Seven Chimneys, Madrid

This is an all times favourite of mine! As a spaniard, I’m crazy about the hauntings in my own country. The mysterious House of Seven Chimneys in Madrid has reported the presence of three ghosts. The most famous of them all is the spirit of Doña Elena, which reportedly appears on a nightly basis in search of her lover, for she was the mistress of King Felipe II. He has also been sighted, although much less frequently.

What about the third spirit? Although she doesn’t have a name, those who know the story are convinced that she was another one of King Felipe’s mistresses, who committed suicide in her wedding night after going through a marriage of convenience. This curious place in the heart of Spain is home to this otherworldly love-triangle!

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The traditional Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson at Stanley’s Hotel, Colorado

Stanley’s Hotel is known for being a place of intense paranormal activities. The place is spooky on its own and its connection to Stephen King’s “The Shining” make it even more interesting! There’s a story here that called strongly my attention.

Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson was a chambermaid for Stanley’s Hotel when she was severely injured during an accident in room 217. She was supposed to be a sweet yet very traditional woman with a like for romantic gossip. Her ghost has reportedly appeared several times and it’s described as a friendly presence except for one thing! Room 217 is not a good place for lovers or unmarried couples! Elizabeth is a pious woman who won’t let that happen within her walls!

Ladell Allen at The Allen Mansion, Monticello

The beautiful Ladell Allen was a victim of unrequited love. After the loss of her only child and her subsequent divorce, she fell in love with a married man who, after much hesitation, got the cold feet and backed out of his promise of leaving his wife only to leave Ladell in the utmost despair.

The woman committed suicide after her paramour stopped sending her letters. She’s haunting the house up to this day and she’s said to be the reason why no roses survive at The Allen Mansion. A very dramatic love story which aftermath persists up to this day.

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Sibyl’s Verdict

Spirits seem to mingle with our world on a daily basis for the most common, and sometimes the weirdest reasons. What are your thoughts on these haunting stories? Let me know in the comments if you would like to read more of this!

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  1. I lost my better half on Aug 21 2016 when he was crushed to death between two trucks a semi and an RV at Bullocks towing and I have had some weird things happen and have even caught some on camera. I need to know where do I go to get these photos annalyzed so I know what is really the cause of seeing him it kinda scares me a little but I hope he is safe and if it is him I want to find out why he won’t cross over..

    1. Hello Sara! Thank you for stepping by. I am terribly saddened by learning about what happened to your love and the grief you’re going through. People who had a sudden or violent passing are likely to stay longer, for it is a shock and they need more time to get used to the idea and the situation, and besides, when they learn how shocked everyone else also is, they want to stay and comfort their loved ones.

      Regarding fear, it is natural to be concerned about what we cannot see, but in almost every case, spirits are not able to cause any harm. Bear in mind that even though the ways in which they manifest may be scary, for instance, throwing something, they are doing what they can to catch the attention of the living, it’s not that they mean to scare us, is the way in which they say “hi”.

      Anyway, the best thing if you are truly interested would be to try and find a local medium or spirit worker who can be around and see how to go about it.

      Best wishes!

    1. Hey Rhonda! Thanks a lot for your interest! Of course I will write more! Have a great day!