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RuPaul Explains How He Became A Drag Queen ‘By Accident’

RuPaul Explains How He Became A Drag Queen ‘By Accident’

RuPaul Explains How He Became A Drag Queen ‘By Accident’

RuPaul may be one of the country’s best-known drag queens but the show biz veteran has said that drag wasn’t always in the plans when he envisioned his path to stardom. It’s a point RuPaul made more than 20 years ago when he appeared as a guest on the “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 1995. While he’d fully embraced his uniqueness, RuPaul had assumed he would follow a well-trodden path to fame when he was young through the mainstream media. “I always wanted to be a star ever since I was a little drag queen growing up in Georgia,” he told Oprah back then. So, RuPaul began taking acting classes. Then, when he was 21, the budding entertainer wrote into a public access variety show. Appearing on free-spirited “The American Music Show” was RuPaul’s television debut and he was hooked.

Emerging on the drag scene, however, still wasn’t top of his mind at the time. “The drag thing, so, it really happened by accident,” RuPaul said. “I was doing punk and I’d had a mohawk and I’d play with makeup and stuff. Then, some people on a lark said, ‘Why don’t you do drag and see what it looks like?” As RuPaul quickly discovered, switching from his punk rock style to drag-queen glam drew rave reviews. “Honey. The reaction I got from people was amazing!” he said. “I couldn’t believe it!” As RuPaul experimented with his identity, he found not just success but more! He’s the charismatic host of the award-winning “Ru-Paul’s Drag Race “but he also found more of himself. “It’s a lot of fun,” he said of dressing in drag. “I think everybody ought to get in some type of drag. It brings out different aspects of your personality and I think when you’re on this planet, in this lifetime, it’s important to try different things. Life is a banquet and most people are starving to death.”

Ru-Paul Has Definitely Given Flamboyant Drag Queens An Opportunity To Bring Out Their Alter Ego Party Girl!

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Ru-Paul’s drag queen career is a perfect example of being at the right time and at the right place and the universe putting it all together for you in sync. It’s not his drag queen persona that makes him so successful but his outrageous personality that goes with it. Having spot on humor and a “tude” that forces you to see life from a different viewpoint.

Temperance: Inverted (Upside Down)
This card is harmony and balance. Since pulled inverted, this supports my above statement of how Ru-Paul challenges one’s definition of gender bending.

Five of Pentacles:
This card is one of low self-esteem and sometimes poverty mentality. My guess is if you dig deeper into his life bio, you would find some incidents of judgement and humiliation that still stay with him.

Knight of Swords:
This is a card of disruptive energy. I would say that is exactly what Ru-Paul wants to do with society’s definition of what is female and male identities. I believe he has a wonderful attitude that “anything goes” and if it offends you, it is your issue, which of course it is. Lol!

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