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Ryan Gosling and Eva’s grandmother. Forever connected!

ryan gosling eva mendes baby

Ryan Gosling and Eva’s grandmother. Forever connected!

Ryan Gosling has said that he is a better man since life with Eva Mendes resulted in baby goslings for the pair. The 35-year-old heart throb remains devoted to his ‘amazing family.’ Their precious new daughter Amada was born 12 days after the heart breaking death of Eva’s brother who they lost to cancer. A loss that allows perspective within this already close family. Eva has said she feels lucky to have been brought even closer together and they all evidently have their own special part to play. Ryan and Eva’s two-year-old daughter Esmeralda Amada had a part to play in naming her younger sister. Eva’s grandmother was the original Amada in this close-knit family. When trying to choose a name for their new daughter none of the names felt right and so they kept going back to Amada which was the eventual choice for their new offspring.

Eva has said that in latin culture it is not unusual to recycle family names, hence baby Amada.

Véronique’s Verdict

Ryan drew the Three of Hearts, the Ace of Wands and then World. There is a lot of love within Ryan Gosling’s family.

The three of hearts represents the three ‘ladies’ in his life. Ryan has a need to share his good fortune within his close circle of friends. There is a supreme ability to catch and keep hold of the good things in life. 

The Ace of Wands shows the passion that he feels right now, there is a desire to feel the warmth and enlightenment within this blissful energy. This is his personal springtime.

The world represents Ryan’s family who are simply ‘his world.’ All that existed previously in his life has led up to this point. There is a sense of completion and inner harmony. I feel that Ryan will demand more of himself and continue to work hard both practically and emotionally. There is a sense of inner peace and a knowing that he has the whole world in his hands. We wish him well on his continued journey!

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