2022 Tarotscope

Sagittarius Tarotscope for 2022

Reading the Year Ahead for Sagittarius

A tarotscope is a horoscope that uses tarot cards to guide the astrological divination and help focus it for the reader. Here I’ve pulled three cards to illuminate what’s coming up in 2022 for Sagittarius.

January to April: The Wheel of Fortune

Sagittarius are a fire sign, and this means you’re not the type to sit around waiting for things to happen when you can make them happen. You’re entering a new year, and this just beams with possibilities for you. Everyone in this world has their fair share of good and bad, and this is something you deal with better than most. It’s about time you got your fair share of the good in life. So, being aware of the opportunity the new year offers can raise your energy levels to attract positive things. It’s important to be observant. Others may be the inspiration you need, as watching them can give you ideas on which roads to follow.

May to August: Six of Cups

Sagittarius can take the role of either teacher or student. For many the summer months bring an opportunity to expand your learning, and in doing so expand your world. Change is in the air, but in a positive way. Now is the time to start putting those ideas of yours into action. You have a bright mind which has a creative streak. Those little ideas which you have often allowed to run through your mind, can now be brought into the open. Only you can make the changes you need in your life. The energy of the summer months is just what a fire sign like you needs to motivate them.

September to December: Five of Swords

Luckily for you, Sagittarius are not the type to depend on other people’s approval to allow you to move on with your life and make great things happen. You may find that the final months of the year, can find you just going against the grain of other people. If you feel something strongly you can’t resist to try it. It’s hard wired into your nature. So, follow your gut feeling. This kind of thing can be a change in life’s direction. Sometimes it’s career change, but it can take many forms. The message for the closing of the year is to concentrate on your needs, and don’t allow others to put you off because of their jealousy.

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  1. I have been through a lot of stuff. Plus a bunch of stuff has had happened to me threw my whole life. Will I get a break on bad luck and get help with fixing our house. And getting a car plus getting everything in my house and turned on again. If so when will it happen?

  2. Hi thanks for the reading but I’m a Scorpio could u please send that to me thanks in advance. Happy New Year

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