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Sandra Bullock’s ‘not so’ new guy.

Sandra Bullock Bryan Randall

Sandra Bullock’s ‘not so’ new guy.

Sandra Bullock has found love again.  Finally!  So who is the lucky guy?  Photographer Bryan Randall by all accounts.  Apparently, they have been together for about a year after meeting for the first time when Bryan took photographs at her son’s fifth birthday party.


Both have experienced challenging relationships but now it appears that the couple have eyes only for each other.  The inseparable duo have moved in together and Sandra has been described as happier than ever.


Bryan’s history has been widely reported.  An absent father who was reunited with his daughter following the death of her mother.  Evidently, he acquired a backbone and has turned his back on drugs, reportedly sober for ten years. 


Both appear to have a desire to protect their relationship and although they have been spotted with other celebrity couples, they continue to be very low-key.  So has Sandra found Mr. Right, or Mr. Right now?


Véronique’s Verdict


The couple drew the Seven of Swords, the Queen of Swords and the Four of Wands.


The seven of swords reveals the problems from the past.  Some of the issues experienced were not completely unexpected and possibly self created.  As individuals, both have faced their ‘demons’ and eliminated negative patterns allowing them to move on with their respective lives.


The Queen of Swords represents Sandra in this instance.  I feel that she reached a point in her life where she was resigned to a life without a mate.  This has changed for her and she has a desire to fiercely protect her relationship.


The four of wands is very much the card of completion.  Both Sandra and Bryan have created a strong foundation to build a happy relationship and family life.  Success has followed adversity for the couple.  Well done both!

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