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Sarah Jessica Parker – new series “Divorce” – The Verdict

Sarah Jessica parker

Sarah Jessica Parker – new series “Divorce”

Sarah Jessica Parker is making a return to our screens with her new series called “Divorce”. Well that should make for interesting viewing. It’s a sign of the days we live in. If you look back to the old romantic 40s and 50s, when movies were about women swooning into the arms of the handsome hero and people packed the cinemas with tissues dabbing their eyes. Whereas these days, you are likely to draw the masses with the word “Divorce” and the sound of calculators as they all work out how much they would get if they dumped their other half.

Either way, Sarah Jessica Parker has gained the attention of the crowds before and there is no reason why we would be disappointed now. She became a household name across the world with her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City, where she opened the world to the new and liberated woman of the day and rocketed the sales figures for the rocking rabbit sex toy across the world. Now you can’t get a better endorsement than that for your product. So for all you ladies who met and kept your guys using the tactics found in Sex in the City, maybe this new show will show you how to dump him if he is not up to scratch.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict

What do the cards say about the success of the show? Well the show got The Six of Coins, quiet a strong financial card, indicating that this is not a cheap budget series, but will it turn to profit? The Wheel of Fortune fares well for the show and leans towards the positive. Well it has the finest of ingredients, now all they need to do is cook it to the right temperature and it’s a success. The Eight of Swords shows that it might have to put up with some hacking from the critics, but sometimes they expect an actress to remain the same character forever regardless and change never comes easy. So I would say, clear your mind, give it a chance and sit back and enjoy.

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