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Have Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall finally made up?

Have-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-and-Kim-Cattrall finally made up?

Have Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall finally made up?

This week was the 60th Birthday of Kim Cattrall. As expected is was quite a party, with the hostess seen dancing with a much younger man. It also proved that Sarah Jessica Parker is bigger than any petit squabble or disagreement. Especially when she wishes her ex-co-star a happy birthday. It was a well-known fact that the two were not exactly the best of friends when they acted together. Both actresses had starred in Sex and the City, and on stage, all appeared well. But off stage, they sometimes wouldn’t even talk to each other.

By Sarah Jessica Parker wishing Kim Cattrall a Happy Birthday, it showed that the feud is over. It shows that the two ladies were mature enough to realise that they should let bygones be bygones. The celebrity world is a world full of competition and stress. Most of which is hidden from the public eye. What we see on the stage is one persona. Someone pretending to be someone else. We like to assume that all is well with them, and their world is somehow better than ours. But this is not always the case. Tensions rise just as easily there as anywhere, but a true professional will not let it show. It’s very easy to forget that it was 1998 when these ladies graced our screens. It is a credit to them that they are still stunning all these years later.

Perhaps with age comes wisdom and the things that seemed big to us back then, are meaningless now.  Sarah Jessica Parker did say back in 2008 that she adored Kim Cattrall, but the rumours were already gone viral. Stopping rumours once they are out there, is like trying to catch the daylight in a bottle. However, all appears well now, and the party appears to have been a complete success.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say about the duo? The Knight of Cups shows there may have been a mediator involved here. Perhaps even someone who worked silently in the background to bring these to ladies together. We all have that one friend who can read us like a book. They know just how to get us to do things even though we are unaware they are doing it. By not having to face each other to bring it to a conclusion, it took the stress out of the situation. This allowed common sense to intervene.

The Ace of Swords shows that mending a cut is never easy and it possibly was quite uncomfortable for either to swallow their pride and take their first step. But they did it, and it’s a credit to both of them. Now if only more feuding celebrities would take a leaf out of their book. Or perhaps that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall could instruct them on the way forward. The Three of Cups shows that peace will reign. Regardless of what these ladies have been through in the past, they share a common history. This alone will keep a lifelong bond that no petit squabble should break. Well done ladies. Well, it only remains for us here at 7th Sense Psychics to wish Kim Cattrall a belated Happy Birthday.

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