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What happened when divorcees Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jnr reconnected?

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What happened when divorcees Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jnr reconnected?

Most of the time in this business, you are dealing with divorces, angry ex-partners, cheating relationships and so on. But it’s refreshing when you hear of a couple who divorced back in 1991, have come back together and made their peace. This is exactly what happened when Sarah Jessica Parker met with her ex-husband Robert Downey Junior on Tuesday, October 18th last.

Congratulations both of you for showing a lot of people out there that there comes a time to bury this. Well, maybe that’s a bad choice of words when talking about an ex. But you have shown that you are now adults and understand that people make mistakes, and that does not define them.

you made many mistakes as a young man, but in a lot of cases, that’s what young men do. It’s a competitive world full of stress and strain. And we walk a thin line until we get it right. Well done, you have turned your life around.

you have realised that people are Important, as is the history that you shared with them. It may not be the most sparkling of history. But it is yours all the same. You have taken lessons of the past and dealt with them like a mature adult.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict

Let me throw out a few cards for both of you. The first one for Sarah Jessica Parker, the second one for Robert Downey Junior, and the third for the path from here on in.

To Sarah Jessica Parker.
You drew the ten of coins. This is the card which brings you to a calmer phase of your life. Maturity will do that to all of us. But it’s giving you a better and less stressed out look at things. Putting things into perspective around personal relationships and building bridges, is one of the most healing things we can do. You have now crossed that bridge, and from here on its upward and onward.

To Robert Downey Junior.
You drew the Ace of Coins; new values being put on things in your life will help you to focus better. Most of the pressures you felt about things in the past were self-inflicted. With maturity and a little reflection, you too were able to put things where they should be. You have new priorities. This is where your focus must be from here on. It’s onwards and upwards. Things that once caused stress, no longer warrant a thought.

The Eight of Cups.
For Both of you.
Cups is a card of love that was. And this particular one reminds us that in a world where everything can go wrong, there are some things we can put right. Although you are now walking separate paths, and your lives are separated, there was a connection which at one stage was good, it followed the path of so many others by breaking down, but you took what was broken and fixed it like mature adults. Perhaps when the emotions and pain are taken from a situation, we see the true picture. Maybe you should both give lessons on how it’s done.
We wish you both well on your journey.

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