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Sarah Jessica Parker`s New Career and What it Means for Her

Sarah Jessica Parkers New Carrier and What it Means for Her

Sarah Jessica Parker`s New Career and What it Means for Her

Most of us remember the hit series, where Sarah Jessica Parker played the leading role of Carrie Bradshaw. The Sex and the City character will come alive once more, although this time in real life, as SJP embarks on a new adventure, embracing her inner book lover slash critique.


As the new editorial director of Hogarth Publishing, a dream is about to come true for Sarah. Although in the series she was an established writer, in reality her passion takes her in a slightly different direction: instead of providing us with stories of her own, she is going to “find, edit, and publish three to four new novels a year” by both already established novelists as well as new voices.

While she inspired us on screen with her often controversial yet loveable character, now she wants to do it by sharing those stories that inspired her to become who she is today. She said:
“As a lifelong book lover, as someone who treasures and admires the skill and talent of original and powerful story tellers it is my great privilege to be invited into the world and business of books”


We can`t wait to read the first pieces that should come out in 2018, but until then let`s consult the cards and have a look at what this new carrier will bring the famous actress.


Psychic Timea`s Verdict:


Ace of Wands:
It seems like SJP is ready to embark on this new and exciting journey, which soon will prove to be a successful venture. This card is an excellent omen when starting a new business, showing that if she continues to pour her creativity and passion into it, then it will bring her everything she dreamed of.


Queen of Pentacles:
Whether being Carry Bradshaw or Sarah Jessica Parker, she is definitely a graceful person, whose success is well-earned both on screen and in real life. She is a lover of life (and good books as we know), and this reflects in her work, too. She is supportive and generous when it comes to talent and like-minded people, so we will surely be able to read some exquisite pieces in the near future.


Knight of Swords:

Alas, a dream come true doesn`t mean the end of the journey, and SJP will be facing challenges and difficulties, too, before real progress can be made. She needs to accept that these battles are necessary in order to continue on the desired path, and success can be achieved by overcoming these obstacles. Perseverance and patience are both key during the coming months.

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