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Seize the energy and the opportunity of the new year

As we begin this New Year in 2022, we are all in reflection of 2021 and how so many events of the year prior polarized us as individuals as well as also as a global society. The last two years changed so many of our lives with times of great joy and happiness along with great sorrow and tragedy.

Nevertheless, we must strive to move forward towards our collective objectives, goals, and aspirations moving forward in 2022. The two-year cycle of just acceptance is over. Great monumental strides will be gained as we progress in this month of January both individually and globally, as our societies will no longer accept just normality. Acrimony and self-pity will be replaced by determination and optimism as our personal and archetypes planets align in assembly to greet this New Year.

Putting divisions and pain behind us

Many are still suffering from great sadness and loss this last year brought, and we must all be very conscious of this when dealing with coworkers, friends, and family.

During the Mercury retrograde seasons that took place in 2021, great rifts divided us from families, friends, and other loved ones mainly because of the pressures of the last 24 months where resolutions were not found no matter what was said or done. Fortunately, Neptune will be in conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces bringing us soulful compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.

As we embark on this new journey into 2022, we must also carry with us the lessons learned this last year as well. By witnessing the many events that has shaped us for the past two-years, it also has changed many of us. Many of our views and opinions have changed greatly, as we have now become a universal voice of determination that will no longer tolerate ideologies that betray us and force us to accept and be blinded by mistruths. This goes also for our personal relationships that require complete transparency as well.

Dynamic energies will assist your love and relationship pursuits

In love and romance, this great shifting of energies will no longer be recycled as they have been for the past 24-months. It is incumbent upon us to move towards resolution to problems that were confronted in 2021 especially.

I have spoken to many of you who have lost hope in either repairing or bringing resolution to your situations regarding your love interests. The dynamic energies now within January-February are now here to assist you in these efforts, and will renew and cultivate new strides moving forward.

Great alignments and conjunctions within these two-months could very well change the destinies of many. I, as well as the other counselor’s here at 7th Sense are here to guide you through the steps needed to achieve great success in these matters.

To achieve these goals, requires strength, determination, and the acceptance that oneself might also be to blame. Keeping these foundations intact will achieve communication to be restored, and a good listener always achieves the greatest rewards. Solidarity in any relationship can only be attained when a balance of intent is agreed to. This brings a harmonious start to the New Year ahead.

The rewards of a relationship based on commitment, fidelity, and trust, requires the maintenance of stability which can very much be achieved in 2022.

When possible, this would also be greatly enhanced by a “face-to-face” opportunity to observe both body language and eye contact to assure these balances, by removing any distrust you may have with your love interest.

Once again, we are here to guide towards reconciliation or, new opportunities moving forward.

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