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Selena Gomez `s Heart-breaking Return at AMA

Selena Gomez `s Heart-breaking Return at AMA

Selena Gomez `s Heart-breaking Return at AMA

“If You Are Broken, You Do Not Have to Stay Broken,”  Selena Gomez told her fans during her heart-breaking speech at the American Music Awards last Sunday. And she seemed to be fine, too. Her genuine smile lit up the faces of her fans, when she surprised them, returning after three months of seclusion. She thanked them once more for their support while accepting her award for being favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist.

Although a dream of hers came true Sunday night, we all know that her life is full of challenges. Fighting with lupus and a recent break-up, her mental health suffered as well. Depression can be a side effect of her illness. Although some claim that the heartbreak had a lot to do with her condition, too.

But she made a decision that she wants to feel better. And with her family`s support and special health care, she is now on the path towards recovery. Well done Selena, you can be proud of yourself. And not only for winning the award and a lot of hearts during the AMA. You also won the battle against depression, and that`s amazing! Let`s consult the cards to see what is in store for you for the next few months.



Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Seven of Pentacles: You know that good things don`t come easily or quickly. You also know that you need to focus your time and energy now in order to get results later. You can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, slowly shifting your focus to the future. You will soon begin to see the results of your efforts.

Five of Wands (Reversed): Although you feel much better now, conflict can still throw you off guard. Try to make sure that you don`t ignore the problems completely, though. A little time away from what (or who) upsets you is OK, but it`s not beneficial in the long term. Try to relax, knowing that most of the difficulties are over now, and you can finally be yourself.

Ten of Pentacles : This is a very good omen. You have faced many challenges, yet there is a feeling of accomplishment and achievement. You feel content and this will continue for the next couple of months. While before you withdrew due to your illness, now is a time to relax and enjoy the well-deserved break. With the possibility of returning fully in a short while. Support of family is still crucial, but there is a feeling of general contentment, instead of fear and loneliness.

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