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What happened Selma Blair that shook her to the core?

Selma Blair airplane outburst

What happened Selma Blair that shook her to the core?

Selma Blair disclosed to Sharon Osborne how she had a total meltdown on board a Delta flight. It was a mixture of pills and drink and a miss-understanding of what she was taking. Selma had finished a vacation in Cancun Mexico. Someone gave her a pill which she assumed was one she had taken before and she took a drink. She is not a drinker. The combination of the two was a disaster. She had a total meltdown on board which was scary for all involved.

Selma, it must have been a very scary experience. Pills are never a good way to deal with things unless they come from your Doctor, but you don’t need me to lecture you on something you already know from experience at this stage. Many people are nervous flyers, I can understand the fear although thankfully I don’t suffer with it. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who can sympathise. Perhaps the next time, pay a visit to your Doctor before taking the chance on a well-intentioned friend.
Let’s throw out a few cards for you Selma and see what they say is happening in your world.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict:

The Four of Wands
This card is the balance of energy. You seem to work on a high energy which is why you are quick to react to things. Being a Mother only heightens that further. Mothers have to do everything at twice the speed because they have more to fit in. Even on vacation, your Mom mode is switched on. This is quite natural but could be part of the reason you needed something to calm you. Again. Doctor always knows best. Don’t get health advice from a psychic.

The Eight of Swords.
This card talks about the stresses that are in your life. Sometimes they can appear to overwhelm to the point that you switch off completely and can ignore them. They won’t go away this way Selma. Don’t take everything on board in one sweep. Take things a little at a time, and you will be surprised how quickly things will vanish into the background leaving you with a clear path ahead.

The Ace of Coins.
As you are the Mother to a five-year-old, plans are being put in place for his future. The Ace of Coins is about setting things up now that will benefit him in the future, but it’s also about giving him the survival tools. Allowing him to learn how to achieve certain goals, so that he becomes a competent young man and does his family proud. There are many years of childhood here to be enjoyed. Day by day is the way to go and make everyone a memory.


The three cards above combined with the energy I feel when I look at your photo, I can feel the energy from you. Your intuition is very highly tuned and for the most part the panic on the plane wasn’t all you, but the combined energy of the people around you. When someone is tuned in psychically, they can pick up fear or panic from others. If you are clairsentient, this manifests in the form of energy and turns the volume up on your energy. What you pick up from others is felt very real by you. Nothing to worry about. Just learning to control it will help, but remember, the doctor knows best.

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