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Serena Williams lucky 7th Wimbledon victory

SaReena Williams Fails

Serena Williams lucky 7th Wimbledon victory

Wimbledon tennis champ for the 7th time, Serena Williams has stated that she would like to be known as one of the greatest athletes of all time as opposed to the greatest female athlete of all time. Following her victory, Serena 34, attended the Champions’ Dinner in London after her win over Angelique Kerber and it soon became a joint celebration as she connected with her close friend, Formula 1 Racing Driver Lewis Hamilton who was celebrating his victorious win at Silverstone on the same day. Athlete Serena showed off her attributes in a floor length crystal encrusted red gown and flat sandals, no heels for this lady, proving that comfort and glamour can go hand in hand. What’s next for Serena?

Véronique’s Verdict

What’s next indeed? Serena drew the World, the Nine of Hearts and The Strength Card. We don’t need a psychic to know that Serena’s future is paved with gold. The World shows that she will demand of herself hard work in order to attain the financial, emotional and spiritual rewards, the whole package. She has united and balanced her talents skilfully and achieved real success. At 34 years old there is still more for Serena to focus on and work towards. The nine of hearts shows that Serena will continue to work towards attaining her supreme goal, ‘the world’s best athlete?’ offering complete fulfilment. Despite her numerous achievements, I feel that there will be more to come from this lady. The Strength card shows two sides of Serena’s character, she has harnessed her own power and also that of her spirit, but I feel that ultimately this is more about her spiritual strength, consciously directing her passion and energy, integrating both body and spirit. I feel that we will see more of a humanitarian element to Serena in the future. And the world’s greatest athlete? A definite yes from me!


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