Seventh Sense

seventh sense

Everyone knows that there is a magic surrounding the number seven. The feeling is at times, difficult to explain, but it is clear, that important facts exist to support this belief. In our modern world we have so many examples of the importance of the number Seven. The importance of Seven is apparent in so many aspects of our lives- in science and technology, biology, music and literature. In numerology, the number Seven is widely held to be a lucky number, a number of psychic and mystical powers, of secrecy and the search for inner truth. Even in mysticism, Seven is a magical number. It is, of course true, that all numbers are ascribed certain energies and qualities… but Seven is on quite different level.

Just think of this- Seven Wonders of the ancient world, Life cycles on earth have phases demarcated by Seven, Seven heavens, Seven years to each stage of human growth, Seven colours to the rainbow, Seven days a week, Seven planets, Seven seas, Seven layers of the skin… the list is endless. The conclusion is obvious- it is the nature and power of the universe to exist in Sevens.

What about human senses? In school we all learned that we have five of them- smelling, seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling. In our world, more and more people believe in their sixth sense or their intuition, even though a majority may not treat this as a scientific sense. But we just know it exists… and to those who hear it, intuition is an invaluable inner voice.

Very few of us realize that there is a Seventh sense. Though when you reflect upon it, its existence becomes very apparent. And, very few of us realise that it is an actual sense. There are so much sensory stimuli in 21st century life, positive and negative- it is very easy to become confused. And this confusion is often as a result of losing the sense or understanding of what our feelings are trying to tell us. We do not have even a second in our busy schedules to interpret and make sense of the sometimes contradictory signs that the universe sends to each of us….The universe talks to us. Most of us do not listen. Or, perhaps we do not want to listen. And, with the help of our emotions or feelings, we have available to us a method of communicating back to the universe. Emotions are, unquestionably one of the most important of our senses. This is now being better understood than ever before. The Seventh sense is your emotions.

Some of us believe that intuition is a combination of the Sixth and Seventh senses.

Human beings are a complex mix of feelings and emotions-We all have the Seventh sense, and everyone uses it to some degree every day of their lives. More than ever before, as life becomes increasingly complex, people need a way of understanding and coming to terms with the idea of randomness.

It is true- intuition is most powerful when you are able to interpret and understand what your feelings mean. We all have to use our Seventh sense to help the Sixth sense. We need to allow ourselves to feel! There is no right or wrong way. No right or wrong emotions. When we are able respond to emotions in a conscious way, our self-esteem will soar. You can start to live life fully and understand everything that is happening to you around on a more profound and deep level. Your life and relationships will immediately improve. Our emotions are a wonderful gift, vital to our wellbeing and happiness, used properly they are also a great gift to people around you. The people in your life, who truly are important.

This is the heart of the matter – our intuition is at its most powerful when we are able to feel and understand what the feelings mean. We have to use our Seventh sense to help our Sixth sense. These sense are interwoven – it is up to each one of to equip ourselves with the ability to benefit from this connection.

The life is a unique puzzle for everyone. There is no manual, there is no guide book. It is all purely in our own hands.

Be strong
Let your 7th Sense be awakened!

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