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Sex Energetic Consequences


Sex Energetic Consequences

A client of mine, Ella (not her real name), once said to me: “My boyfriend Daniel wants to have sex, but I have an STI from a one night stand. When should I tell him and will he leave me once he knows about the STI?” Sadly, psychics do receive these types of calls from clients complaining about the repercussions they received after they got down and dirty with a partner, who was either dishonest or unaware of being a carrier of disease.

Often, my guides will respond to not have sex until the clients are comfortable and feels safe to explain not only about their sexual disease, but other skeletons in their closet. If they mention these topics at the beginning of a potential relationship, there is a strong chance their love interest will walk away. Only those who are extremely compassionate or have been through their own horrors will stick around.

We consist of energy

Besides unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, sexual energy can affect you mentally, emotionally, and spirituality. How? We humans consist of energy, whether that is through our chakras, emotional aura bodies, mental aura bodies, ethic aura bodies, or the physical body. We are one; therefore, all our thoughts and actions have a negative or positive response into the universe.

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Now, when two people are joined together physically, so are the energies from their chakras and auric bodies. Is that too woo-woo for you? Whenever you have sex with someone you are exchanging: DNA, memories, emotions, personal issues, and all past relationship wounds. Yes, indeed, sex really does have the potential to spread an enormous amount of cooties!

Let’s take the example of how Ella’s one night stand affected her.

Ella’s Mental State

Ella berated herself for months upon receiving the medical diagnosis of an STI, which was herpes. She knew it was from the one night stand because she stupidly lost her virginity to a man in one night stand, who she thought cared about her. Ella thought her life was over and no man would ever want her.

Ella’s Emotional State

Ella wasn’t her usual happy go lucky self; in fact, her family and friends were tired of her negative attitude. It was rare that Ella had moments of peace or joy.

Ella’s Spiritual State

Ella was raised a devout Christian; therefore, after her one night stand, she felt dirty. She thought Jesus saw her as a sinner and no longer loved her.

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Pamela’s Verdict

A couple of years later, Ella was desperate enough to get a psychic reading because she was crazy about Daniel. She learned her past sexual partner’s family had a history of depression and sexual abuse. This is not to say that Ella didn’t have family or personal issues; however, the combination of the two wreak havoc on her life. Thankfully, she is doing better now.

This is an extreme case of the consequences of sex, yet it happens to many people to a lesser degree. The next time you’re ready to get down and dirty with someone who you don’t know well – stop! Instead, keep your clothes on, discover who he or she is, and whether or not it’s safe for you to reveal who you are and your deep, dark secrets.

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Pamela Cummins is a relationship expert who teaches you how to empower yourself to empower your relationships. She is the author of four books, including Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships. Learn more at her website

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  1. I’m sorry but this is a horrible article. It was not at all helpful. It made me feel bad about myself and it made me feel sorry for others! This is basically saying that anyone who decides to get “down and dirty” (horrible choice of words!) is bad and not thinking about their future. Surely there has to be better advice than this!! Really bad. Maybe be a bit more compassionate?!! You make it sound like there is no hope? I usually love 7th sense psychic articles but this is the worst and it second guesses my interest with 7th.

  2. What was this artical trying to tell me beside, one night stands are very bad ideas. Is it something and the new guy i like or my kids father .

  3. “ELLA”I hope you see this .. You’re beautiful and Jesus loves you so much he died for you long ago💯Please never question his love as I sometimes do myself 🔑 Love thyself as Jesus loves thyself 🤔🔮it’s in your human to feel some type of way 💡 That’s what he does for ✌🏼️Only your human contracted this bacteria 🔑Your conscience “higher self” is pure as the heavens you were created in💯🔑✌🏼️🎉💋

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