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Sharing Of Gifts With Six Of Pentacles Tarot

Six of pentacles

Sharing Of Gifts With Six Of Pentacles Tarot

Another one of my favorite tarot cards to show up in a reading. Whatever the subject matter or issue being addressed, the Six of Pentacles shows that things are on the upswing in the area of your prosperity and the sharing of it with others. Since prosperity, abundance and wealth can often mean more than just finances, I sometimes read this card as a sign of two people coming together to share their loving gifts with each other. It could mean partnering in love or in joint finances such as partnerships.

The Six of Pentacles is one of the more positive Pentacles cards. It speaks of equality, fairness and the repeating nature of life. When this card appears, you are likely to be heading into a positive cycle. It also means moving into a time of success, prosperity and generosity. It suggests financially helping others as your own abundance and prosperity move into a better cycle. There is positive support and an overall sense of good fortune and happy payoffs in the future. When this tarot card shows up in a card spread, whatever question you have asked, the answer you seek is most likely yes.

When the Six of Pentacle shows up reversed, it is an indication that you might be getting in over your head with debt and experiencing selfishness of having your needs met at all cost where prosperity in concerned. It can be a heads up to watch your finances closer and also be cautious about partnerships that may involve sharing of your own gifts and being taken advantage of.

In general, The Six of Pentacles is often a card about generosity with what you have of value or that you are about to be the beneficiary of unexpected resources. This generosity does not always have to be about money, it can be about a friend needing a listening ear in time of need or spiritual support. It is also important to be open to accept help if you are the recipient.

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Career, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality

Where Career is concerned, things will start going much better at work. This card shows support from the higher ups who are encouraging. It is a good time to ask for a raise or to seek employment that pays more if you are so inclined. On the whole, your work/career future is looking up.

In the arena of Love, if you are already in a committed relationship, this card represents a sharing commitment that is happy, generous, fair and balanced for the moment. Keep alert that the giving and receiving on all levels is in fair allotment. If you are looking for love, you are likely to meet someone new who is positive, kind, and generous and usually associated with an introduction from someone you know.

The Six of Pentacles is a particularly good sign for where Money questions are asked. It doesn’t suggest an unexpected windfall like an inheritance or lottery but financial gain because you have earned it through a job change or promotion. It definitely shows that more money is very likely to be coming your way.

The appearance of the Six of Pentacles in a card spread definitely suggests an upward swing in your Health and vitality. If you are dealing with a serious illness, this card points to a new approach for wellness being presented to you and a possible better solution to your health situation.

When Spirituality is being addressed, this is a clear indicator that you have important insights to share with others. It also points out to be open minded and learn from others about their spiritual understandings. Sharing of spiritual gifts will be presented to you with an opportunity for a deeper understanding of your spiritual values or someone else’s.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

When we are blessed by the universe sharing its abundance with us, and it always does at different times in our life, we are reminded by the Six of Pentacles to share what you have been blessed with. Whether it is the sharing of your love with someone, finances or a helping hand, we learn about our own heart’s capabilities when we offer to others what has made us happy and prosperous.

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  1. Yeah my husband out on after being together over seven does he still me an do see if will get back together

  2. You are always right on the mark! I have had a very rough 18 months! Grief loss change health career relationships! I have felt so shut down spiritually! I scrolled through pages and pages of psychics yours came through on numerous emails! The connection and how I was drawn to you is fantastic! Thanks

  3. My relationship right now with my husband is very shaky. We are currently in a long distance relationship and my 3 girls are with him.Is there any chance that we can be together soon and being reconciled? And also I am working as a Barber and just promoted as a mentor.Is there any chance that I would become a national educator too?

  4. Terie,
    7th Sense always appreciates input on our articles. Unfortunately we are unable to answer specific questions here on the stories page but if you contact one of our amazing psychics, I am sure they will give you the answers to help give you clarity on your relationship and career.
    Psychic Susan Z

  5. Hello, Susan, I am down in the dumps, for I work in a place I can’t stand and I also live at home. Do you have any advice for me. And I don’t have a website.