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Signs Of A “Man-Child” Potential Partner


Signs Of A “Man-Child” Potential Partner

We have all heard the phrase, “man-child” and any woman that has been involved with, dated or married to one is very clear what that definition comes with. You are dealing with a man that has never grown up and is still in the emotional and mental mindset of a spoiled young man brat. Some women look at them as a challenge to help them grow up but mostly, they end up being frustrating and at the worst end of the spectrum, heartbreaking. All the while being clueless as to what you are upset about.

In the same line of thought, emotional maturity could be defined as a state of emotional strength and self-control which leads to realistic and balanced behavior. “Maturity appears when we start to worry more about others than about ourselves.” -Albert Einstein- That is the chip that is missing from them.

Below are emotional and behavioral traits that throw up the red flags that you might just be involved with a “man-child”. If you have the stamina or the strong desire to take him on his terms, then go for it but if you have moved past the point of the need or desire to constantly babysit your partner, think twice.

  1. He is emotionally egocentric. Totally believing that the world revolves around their needs and desires regardless of who they take advantage of or upset.
  2. They have trouble with commitment. They do not have the ability to put the mature hard work it takes to help a relationship go the distance, even if you try to do all the work for them. They are unable to make the necessary sacrifices that we all have to do to keep a long-term relationship going.
  3. They tend to blame others for their mistakes and shortcomings. They constantly are in the frame of mind they are being controlled by others. They don’t care about the damage they might have done. Instead, they only care about the punishment to others. Forgiveness is not something they find easily given and can hold a grudge for a very long time.

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  1. They have several dependent relationships in their life. Whether it be parents, friends or co-workers. They are always their “go to” people if something does not go the way they wanted it to.
  2. They are usually irresponsible with their money. They have immediate gratification issues, so it must be bought right at the moment it is wanted.
  3. They occasionally show inappropriate behavior. He may drink too much at the office party, turn on football during your mother’s Thanksgiving dinner or answer his cell phone at your friend’s wedding. Like the four-year-old he resembles, he’ll probably pout if corrected.
  4. Your feelings in any situation does not matter. He doesn’t want to hear about your day, he doesn’t want to meet your parents…worse, he’s rude to your friends. If your opinions are different from his own, he ignores them.
  5. They always put their needs first. He will ask you to get him coffee but never offer bring some for you. If he buys you a birthday present, it’s tickets to a game he wants to see.
  6. Buddies come before you pretty much most of the time. Whether its poker night or golf, boy’s night takes precedence over quality couple time and is clueless as to why you would be upset about it.
  7. They don’t want an adult relationship, they want a party. They usually bail when you need to lean on them. They can’t commit to doing anything with you because something more fun might turn up.
  8. If they are techies, they are obsessed with the newest toys out and have to have the latest gaming systems, the biggest TVs and the shiniest car, boat, bike, etc. They have no problem sitting on that ratty hand-me-down couch because all the money for furniture went to surround sound.
  9. They have no interest in your friends, what their life is about or what is going on with them. If you try to share, their eyes glaze over or they preoccupy themselves with something and say they can do whatever they are doing and listen to you at the same time.

Susan Z’s Verdict

We all have at least once in our dating history, dealt with this type of man-child. Whether it is being spoiled by a mother or the absence of one, the bottom line is you are in or going to be in a relationship by yourself. If you are determined you can help them mature and become the partner you are hoping for…sharing, caring, available and supportive, you have your work cut out for you as they usually like things the way they are and will always find a woman who will give them what they need. So why change?

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  1. I`ve been there! He is a lawyer and he is so childish. He broke it off with me over a text saying that we had to go back to being on a friendship basis only. This was 5 months ago. Since then he had only texted me once, and sent me a few video`s of his cat playing with a toy. He never said anything to me. Then he stopped. Nothing for another month until he sent me a song that was a SLAP IN THE FACE to me because I told him I stilled cared about him. The song was FRIENDS by Anne – Nicole & Marshmello. You really can`t change them, and if you want that kind of relationship it is a VERY HARD process. I will always care for him, I will be there if he needs a friend but I am moving on with my life because I can not be cemented down to someone who cares nothing about me.

    1. It have been there to he always blame me for everything he does wrong some older woman blame a 30 year old girl on him he got mad at me when I told him to take a DNA test doesn’t lesson and her mothercame between use I love him but I put him in the Lord hand

  2. This is an exact description of the man that I have been attempting to have a relationship with for 18 months. If I look at it realistically, every man I have attempted to have a a relationship with has been exactly like all the points mentioned. With Venus retrograde in Scorpio right now, I can clearly see it is time for me to stop wasting my time. He has, and continues to have, emotional relationships with other women. And all of these other women are always older ‘Mommy’ types. His Mother was very cold and distant. I firmly believe he seeks out those types to somehow compensate for his own Mother’s lack of love and attention. I’ve left him three times over these relationships with other women…his mental, verbal and physical abuse and alcoholism. All three times he’s played the ‘cry me a river’ game, the whole time telling me he can’t make it without me and blah, blah, blah. But, he continues these relationships with these other women, even after I come back. In his mind, he sees nothing wrong with his actions. In his mind, I somehow deserve this treatment that he gives me. He sees no problem with his actions, whatsoever and I’m overreacting. At this point, I firmly believe he’s a narcissistic sociopath. I am moving on.

    1. OMG….you just described my exboyfriend…Wow…I wish I had to read this article long time ago..I wasted 6 years of my life and cried myself a river…so glad I found strength to finally walk away!!

    2. yes he is and mine is the same way sad to say i moved 800 miles to be with him and he acts the same way with me when i told him i was leaving back home he told me whatever u say fuck you to me. i am now waiting to get the funds i need to leave i swear i willnever look back again cuz i gave him to many chances but i dont matter to him.

  3. Wow! Thank you all for sharing your experiences with us. We have all been there and I am happy that it opened eyes to see and hearts to embrace loving self more than thinking one must ‘mother’ a man to have love. Contact one
    of our amazing psychics, they may be able to point out even more how your particular manchild can rob you of your happiness, which we all so deserve.
    Psychic Susan Z