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Signs That Your Psychic Gifts Are Awakening

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Signs That Your Psychic Gifts Are Awakening

A question that is often asked of psychics, mediums, empaths and other gifted people is “when did your psychic gifts reveal themselves to you and how did you start using them?” It is a different story for everyone. Some gifts you know you have them at a very young age and if encouraged, used them. Some gifts awaken from a traumatic life-threatening episode or near-death experience.

Then there are those, like myself, who have always had the gift but turned away from it in my teen years because of fear, not wanting your life disrupted with your ‘gifts’, glad to be rid of them because you were always in trouble using them or just really not seeing any value in it.

You may close them down but they never really go away. Usually when you ignore your gifts, regardless of age and circumstances, when you start moving into the years of late 40’s and early 50’s, which is Chiron Return, the gifts resurface and by then you may feel ready.

Of course, we’re all born with a “sixth sense”, but if we aren’t encouraged to use it, it can sit on the sidelines until the inner nudging begins of wanting to use them. BUT almost anything, at any time, can trigger an intuitive awakening.
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9 signs of your psychic gifts

Here are some ways to know that your psychic abilities are opening up.

  1. You start having an interest in hanging around new and different people. For most people, a new or expanded spiritual awareness comes with their psychic awakening. You may start losing interest in your friends and making new ones with a similar focus on metaphysical curiosity and psychic abilities. You feel excitement and curiosity and have a desire for richer and more meaningful relationships and conversations.
  2. Your eating habits may change. Suddenly, you want lighter foods and it isn’t even summer. Fruits and vegetables have a different, higher vibrational rate than your meat-and-potatoes fare. Many people with psychic gifts follow a “psychic diet” that consists of high-vibrational foods versus heavier meat and carb dishes.
  3. You suddenly begin to have new insights on your life and situations. At this time, you might REALLY feel your intuition kicking in. You might feel like you are being Divinely guided and getting a lot of “signs” that you can’t ignore.
  4. Third Eye activity begins to manifest on a physical level. When your psychic abilities are opening up, your Third Eye Chakra (located between your eyebrows) might tingle or you will feel pressure.
  5. You become more physically sensitive. As you develop your psychic gifts, you may notice that your physical senses become heightened, too. Your sense of smell becomes very keen, bright lights bother you, loud noises with music or the TV become irritating. This is because your abilities in the gifted areas of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance are opening up.
  6. You find yourself more tuned into Spirit. You begin to sense the presence of Spirits, start hearing voices in your head, (no you are not crazy) the hair on your arms will stand up when you speak a vibrational universal truth and your ability to ‘sense’ things around begin to heighten.
  7. You begin to have vivid dreams, sometimes clearly bringing messages, sometimes not making any sense at all. You will find some mornings you awake more tired than when you went to bed. That is because you have been in class all night. Learning, healing, releasing and remembering. When we go to sleep, our logical faculties also sleep and the next higher state of awareness become dominant.
  8. You become more sensitive to the energy of particular places or individuals because something doesn’t FEEL right. It may just seem “off” and you don’t know why. You then start avoiding drama because it feels so unpleasant.
  9. You start having headaches that no amount of aspirin will take away. For a lot of people, when they have not used their Third Eye muscle and their psychic abilities start opening up, it’s like a body part that has not been used and now you are exercising it. Using your new gifts is like using muscles you haven’t used in a REALLY long time. These headaches can last a day, a week or longer but eventually will go away. Massaging the area and lavender oil does bring some relief.

Susan Z’s Verdict

You might feel uncomfortable with all the new and exciting input you are receiving at first, but developing your intuition is an exciting experience! We all have the capability to sense the unseen and know the unknown. What determines how you use them, depends on your life script. Sometimes it’s just an everyday awareness and your own personal spiritual journey and then sometimes it is about using those gifts to guide and help others in a more serious committed way.

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