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Signs You May Be A Drama Queen

drama queen

Signs You May Be A Drama Queen

I personally don’t get the big insult of being called a ‘Drama Queen’! Maybe it’s because I believe this special species of woman comes in two levels of drama and it all depends on what level you are functioning at, if you are doable as a friend. Here are the two levels of Drama Queen, not all bad, not all good!

  1. You are passionate about everything so you expect everyone else to be.
  2. EVERYTHING!!!! is about how it affects you in your life, you embellish and won’t stop talking about it!

As you can see clearly the first level is an amusing personality quirk and the second level is one big pain in the ass, completely oblivious to any inconvenience they may cause you, the time you spend listening to their problems or that YOU actually have a life that doesn’t revolve around the fact they broke a nail on a freshly manicured hand for a date!

I willingly admit that I have a bit of Drama Queen going on and I am sure I have graduated to the second level a few times in my life over stupid stuff that my family and friends, well that they just cut me off! No kidding, they just stopped taking my phone calls until I calmed down! That was when I was a little less mature and I hope I have graduated to not taking that route anymore.

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There are many definitions of what people call a Drama Queen, and by the way, it is not gender identified with women only. The men don’t escape from the definition, they just do it differently. Listed below are some adorable Drama Queen traits and then some that will make you want to cut your wrist when you see their caller ID. Lol!

  1. Something not going your way always seems like it’s a disaster and there is just no hope in fixing it, that’s before you have thought it out!
  2. You take way too many things personal, whether they have anything to do with you or not.
  3. When you have a REALLY, REALLY bad day, no one reassure you that the world is not coming to an end!
  4. You like a good gossip or gab fest about someone else’s drama!
  5. You love being the center of attention and when you are not, somehow you always manage to turn the conversation around about you.
  6. You actually like stirring up a little drama yourself by throwing in those comments, “Gee, I wonder if?”
  7. You are incredibly picky about everything. If it is not ‘just the way you want it or like it, it’s a disaster and you will spend an exorbitant amount of time fixing it!
  8. This one is a given. You are a CONTROL FREAK! You know that you can do, say or make it better than whomever is in charge.
  9. You have a bad habit of comparing your life to others and unfortunately that leads to a very unattractive part of being a Drama Queen, criticizing others so you feel better about yourself.
  10. You are a total ‘fashionista’ and obsessed with your looks. The latest trendy fashion, the latest tanning cream, the latest skin care line you MUST have!
  11. You stress out easily. You just never seemed to have learned to go with the flow in life as there is just so much for you to be in charge of!
  12. You are addicted to social media. I mean, everybody is interested in what you are doing, right? And of course, you need to see what everyone else is up to.
  13. Saying sorry for your mistakes does not come easily for you. You either make it a small deal over your mistake or just pretend it didn’t happen.
  14. Your overly-dramatic jokes just seem to go over people’s heads. Drama Queens go BIG or don’t make the joke at all.
  16. It is impossible for you to be happy in a normal 9-5 humdrum job. You need excitement everyday and you will find a career than gives it to you or you make it on your own.

Susan Z’s Verdict

I think Drama Queens look at the world as though today is her last day to fix things, so her sense of what is important becomes a little off kilter than say ‘normal’ people. Personally, I think ‘normal’ people, although they create less havoc in theirs and your life, need to be friends with at least one Drama Queen to spice things up and put life in perspective. Most Drama Queens are harmless in their constant energy of “my life is a disaster!” statements but eventually they figure it out, while you get to stand back and watch the show! What’s so special about being normal, anyway! Right?

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Susan Z Rich is an emotional addiction counselor, spiritual intuitive and holistic therapist. She counsels others to see life in a more positive way and teaches personal accountability for life choices. She is also the author of several children’s books and Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine. (life cycles) Learn more at her website:

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