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Signs Your House May Be Haunted By a Spirit

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Signs Your House May Be Haunted By a Spirit

October being the month of Halloween, writing about ghosts and spirits just seemed apropos. Having grown up being exposed to several situations where ghosts or spirits inhabit the same space in your home, being fascinated with ghost movies and of course the numerous “Ghost Hunter” knockoffs on TV, you sometimes wonder if those little unexplained knocks, flickering lights, chilly spots or flickering lights may be more than just coincidence.

What most people might not realize is that ghost hauntings are not just attached to old creepy houses that someone might have got murdered in or a long-lost lover waiting for their heart attachment to return. Hauntings can be attached to the grounds a house is built on, (think movie ‘Poltergeist’) the house itself or a person residing in the house. The last being the hardest to get rid of because whatever spirit has taken an attachment to you is coming along for the ride, regardless of where you live.

Hauntings occur when the spirits of the dead refuse or are unable to move on or become trapped in a location unaware they have passed over. But just because you suspect you might have a ghost in your house doesn’t actually mean that you do. There are plenty of explanations for events that may seem paranormal on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper, your imagination might have gotten the best of you. Those who refuse to believe in ghosts will tell you all paranormal events can be explained away in such a manner. Even when presented with substantiating proof, denial is still there. So, either you believe or you don’t.

Below are listed a few signs that you may have a ghost or spirit hanging around your house. Some may be loving relatives, old inhabitants or just lost spirits attracted to your living light. If any of these signs are happening in your home, if you are not comfortable with the idea of sharing your home with someone or many from the spirit world, you need to take steps to make them go away. Mostly that can be done by just telling them to get the hell out of your house as you rule this living dimension. If you are dealing with something malevolent, then you need to get some help.

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  1. Hearing unexplained sounds such as knocking or scraping. There is a different sound to these knockings and scrapings than just everyday movement and when you hear them, they give you a creepy feeling.
  2. Objects being moved from one place to another. Seeing an object move on its own is rare but what usually happens is you place your phone one place, know you put it there, and find it in a completely different area.
  3. A sense you are not alone in your home. It is a feeling of looking over your shoulder and expecting to see someone standing next to you or behind you.
  4. A history of negative happenings in the home or on the property. Check the background of your residence, it may carry negative energetic imprints from a tragedy.
  5. Cold spots in the house. They just roll over you unexpectedly or there may be a certain area in your home that is always colder than the rest of the house.
  6. Your animals staring at an empty space or unwilling to go near a certain area of your home. They know, they see, so if your animals are consistently acting weird, just ask out loud if you have a spirit in your home. They will let you know.
  7. Slight voices or whispers. You find yourself saying “What?” a lot and no one has said anything.
  8. Lights flickering or turning off and on their own. This is usually just a second or two but it is the way the spirit or ghost is trying to get your attention.
  9. Feeling of being touched by an unseen hand. You feel a hand on your shoulder, arm or face and usually a chill will run up your back.
  10. The hair on the back of your neck stands up for no reason. This is ether energy and it effects your nervous system as spirit is not warm blooded.
  11. Feeling like you have cobwebs on your face and hands. You find yourself with the feeling you need to wipe something off your face and hands. You have just been smegged by a spirit passing through you.
  12. Seeing shadows or movement our of the corner of your vision. This is the most frustrating, as you think it is a person, your pet or just movement but when you look, nothing is there.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

Not all ghosts or spirits are a bad thing. If your mother has just passed and you just feel her presence, then you may make the decision if you want them to hang with you for awhile or go into the light. It is a missing family thing and it will eventually fade away, if the spirit chooses to leave on their own terms.

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  1. Katie,

    It is not unusual for pets to remain with you after passing. I would suggest talking to one of our great 7th Sense Psychics who are skilled in picking up spirit communication with pets or other. I am sure they will have the answers you are looking for.

    Psychic Susan Z

  2. I want to know what happened to someone very close to me and what really caused his death I can find any peace until I know exactly what happened to him my heart is breaking into over his death and I know that he is with me all of the time but in order for me to let go and telling him it’s ok to go into the light and I am ok I feel like he wants me to understand what happened to him and I know that he came and visited me after he had been laid to rest i saw him he didn’t speak to me he just kept staring at me and then walked to my front door and then stopped and stared at me again and then he walked away into the other room this is my only son and child and passed away on his 34 th birthday yes that’s right this beautiful child I brought into this world god took him 34 years later from me and I need answers so I can tell him I am going to be ok and to move on into the light ok but until I know the truth about everything that happened to him I cannot do that so if you are a true physic you won’t have any problems telling me what really happened to my son thank you…