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Signs Your Inner Goddess Is Awakening


Signs Your Inner Goddess Is Awakening

Indications that inner Goddesses are awakening are showing all over the world in the news. Philosophers state that our society was once a matriarchal society with the feminine energy being in power around 5,000 years ago, then for whatever reason women started giving their power away.

Goddess energy is based more on compassion, kindness and of the heart. Patriarchal energy is about power alone and needs the balance of Goddess energy to bring about the necessary changes so desperately needed on earth today.

So, what exactly is Goddess energy? Power from the heart! For thousands of years, the logical, headstrong masculine energy has ruled the planet but now people all over the world have started to get in touch with their emotional, feminine side. (men too!)

No single energy can rule the planet without humanity being out of balance and this convergence is now happening which will restore balance, releasing the beautiful, nurturing, loving inner Goddess within all of us. During this time, you might feel a dramatic shift in what you think power actually is.

The analytical and passionate masculine energy does in fact serve a strong purpose but will be brought into balance as the Goddess energy begins to awaken.

Here are a few signs that you are beginning to awaken to your inner Divine Goddess, from the calling of Gaia and the whole of humanity.

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  1. You feel more sensitive and caring to yourself and others than ever before. With the arrival of the new inner goddess energy, you will find that helping others makes you feel very loved. The realization that focusing only on your needs without being aware of others around you has only brought you emotional isolation.
  2. You suddenly have the desire to make new female friends. Not just female friends to shop with but who you have a strong heart connection with the same desire to be of some sort of service. Usually those female friends come with a spiritual connection.
  3. You are now aware or have known that you have the strong desire to be a healer. You know that you are here on Earth during these chaotic times in order to help balance the energies on the planet and bring about peace and love.
  4. You suddenly desire to pull out the paints and art easel that has been stored in the attic for ages or learn pottery, needing to express yourself in a creative way. As you tap into your inner goddess, you will start to notice huge spikes of creative energy.
  5. You will have a strong desire to be a part of a loving and spiritual community. Whether that be groups of like minded spiritual females who are learning Reiki together or taking part in marches for women’s rights. The desire for female bonding will become stronger than ever.
  6. The idea of competition or judging others now leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you find yourself being happy when another of your Goddess sisters achieve want they want without any feelings of jealousy. You realize you can stand on your pedestal with your own amazing gifts without having to knock someone off theirs.
  7. Perhaps the most obvious recognition of the awakening is your desire to pamper and be kind to yourself. Not just going out and buying a new dress but looking at toxic habits and making the decision that it is now time to feel the love for your feminine form. You are realizing the importance of self-love and self-care.
  8. The energy of the inner Goddess starts pushing you to release old hurts and negative thinking from the past. You start looking into healing modalities and/or healers to help you do that.
  9. You find yourself manifesting your thoughts and words very quickly. You become witness to small miracles every day and feel more connected to the Universe than ever before.
  10. You somehow feel stronger and less afraid of what life throws at you. Regardless of what challenge arises, you no longer go to the victim place but move into the warrioress energy, that you can handle anything because you feel the power what a woman can accomplish if she puts her mind and heart to it.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

I have been seeing the Goddess energy happening with many of my female clients, friends and family within the last few years. Where once, the slightest bit of something going wrong, they took that “Oh poor me” attitude and now I am hearing another approach to their challenges. Sounding more like, “I will figure out how to get through this like I have before.” Does it mean that all of a sudden you become Wonder Woman, hardly, but what you do become is someone who recognizes and knows her own capabilities and strengths in the female energetic form.

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  1. I can understand all that I have read
    And yes everyday has it empty, true and fake family as friends but a goddess who stands up and for our father who are in heaven
    FAITH—Knowing He can whether or not He does.
    HOPE—Knowing He will whether or not He has.
    LOVE—Knowing He dead whether or not we live.