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Skeptics and Believers: What Do People Really Think About Psychics?


What Do People Really Believe About Psychics?

Since I write articles for 7th Sense and work as a reader on their phone line, it is rather obvious where I stand in the belief of gifts from the unknown and unseen. I have seen phenomenal readers that just had me sitting there in disbelief at how easily they picked up information, and then I have experienced those that strictly go by the what the general description of the tarot cards are – their own gifts are minimal, and they are relying on what is learned versus what is naturally given as a gift.

Therein lies the issue on the general public’s opinion of psychics. A quarter of the public according to a Gallup survey in the US, believe that humans have psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance and of course a slew of other gifts, even though mainstream science says there is no real evidence that these gifts exist. It is not unusual for sceptics to attribute credence to this belief due to a lack of intelligence or education on the part of the believers, but in fact, research shows neither support their skepticism.

Most people become believers and supporters of psychics because they have had information given to them no one else could have known, future predictions came about exactly as stated and a gift to see into their deepest desires and fears. The downside of this is then relying on psychics to make your life decisions for you caused by poor analytical thinking skills. (unable or unwilling to sort the issue out themselves). And of course, in the new Aquarius energy, a prediction can change within a split second when a different choice is made or an outside influence changes everything.

Here are some of beliefs that people have about psychics:

The Believers:

  1. Had a good reader and a high portion of the information was helpful and came true.
  2. When you feel you need a little guidance because you can’t get out of your own way.
  3. Basically, they are their counselor, friend and therapist.
  4. A good reader is hard to find.
  5. Not all readers have the same gifts.

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The Religious Nay-Sayers:

  1. We are in league with the devil even though in the bible they speak repeatedly of the prophets. I guess the opinion is when Jesus died, that gift died too.
  2. From my experience, they tell you trying to gain any insight via tarot, fortune telling, any supposed psychic means, goes against everything they teach you about God – because your faith should be only in Gods path for you and it’s not for us to know. We just should have blind faith.
  3. Ever hear of the saying: “We make plans and God laughs?” There are just some things, regardless of whom you seek for advice, (psychic, seer, shaman, preacher or priest) that is in your life plan and no matter how you try to change it, it is going to happen regardless.
  4. Oh, by way, in religious circles, it is now accepted that some have the ability to see the future; if they go to church, read the bible and pray before the information is given. They are called “Christian Mystics.”
  5. The only thing different is the person deciding where those ‘messages’ come from with whatever their fundamental belief system is.
  6. I’ve asked what makes a Christian believe these messages to another Christian would only come from God, rather than their claims that a psychic only hears from the devil, and their answer is always ‘faith!’
  7. Faith in what? that makes them so sure where the information is coming from?

The Skeptics:

(I Love These!)

  1. They make claims that could apply to anyone. Vague information given.
  2. They make conversation to allow you to give them important information about you to use.
  3. They make statements that could be true for almost anyone at some time in their life.
  4. If your information is completely off the mark, the standard answer will be; “Well this is what I see, give it some time to unfold in the future.”
  5. They talk very slowly and mention shocking events to watch your reaction so they can hone in on that subject.
  6. You are always “cursed” with something and with only $2,000 and a black candle, they will make it go away and if not, will try another $2,000 with a red candle instead.
  7. Working a large audience, they will pick out a few people to make conversation with to pull information out.

Susan Z’s Verdict

At one time in our history; prophets, shamans, vestal virgins and all the rest were revered and honored. Somewhere along in history, (I believe it was in Constantine’s reign (324AD) who re-wrote the bible and began to persecute those that claimed to have the sight as being witches, demons, devil worshipers, etc. Now, as we slowly but surely are moving back into the matriarchal energy, people are starting to believe again.

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  1. Well I was told a long time ago had a special gift and I was kind of afraid of it because I did know a lot about everybody around me and I didn’t and in case I feel since a very positive person I know things are going to happen I see people before drunk when I go out and my energy is just bursting my going to start learning about it