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Who is Sofia Richie’s new love?

Sofia Richie

Who is Sofia Richie’s new love?

Sofia Richie is getting over her split with Justin Bieber and has found a new love in her life. A Puppy. Yes, it truly is puppy love for Sofia, Well, Sofia Richie I can guarantee a few things. The Puppy will love you just for you. It will put no one else in front of you. When you are away your puppy will miss you. And when you return it will greet you in a way that no human could do.

You are 18 years old Sofia, and although that brings with it a lot of adult responsibilities. It also means you still have a long road in life yet to travel. On this road, there will be many lessons. You will make mistakes. At times you will be embarrassed by things you did, but that’s all part of the journey. At the end of the day, it’s about respect. Having respect for yourself and others is one sure key to a happy life.

Those who go through life hurting and upsetting others, normally end up on a self-imposed island. The Island has no boats or bridges because they have slowly burnt them along the way. Your Puppy has all the lessons you need to learn all wrapped in a bundle of fur. What you give out, you get back. Plant the seed of happiness as you go through life. And one day you will be able to reap the fruit of those seeds. Your relationship with Justin Bieber was between you and him and no one else. Learn from it and move on to better things. This is your beginning, not the end of anything.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Let’s throw out three cards for you Sofia, and see what they say for your path. The Three cards drawn were, The Three of Wands, The Six of Wands, and The Empress.

The three of Wands points towards your future career, and the opportunities which are around you. Doors are opening, focus on your career and the fun in life will follow. You have the potential to be your own lady, self-made. When the time comes to settle down, do so with your own career already in your palm.

The Six of Wands shows there is a feeling of having to prove yourself to someone else. Remember you are your own unique person. An individual design that is a once of copy. You need match no one. But show the world the gifts that are hidden inside. Most of these have yet to reveal themselves to even you.

The Empress Card, she is the card of new beginnings. She is mother spring. She represents you as you are now. Like the new buds of spring bouncing from the earth. So your unique being will start to surface. The Sofia Richie you know today, will be a lot different to the Sofia Richie of years to come. Enjoy the journey Sofia.

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