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‘It’s Streisand with a soft S’. Barbra fumes over Siri pronunciation


‘It’s Streisand with a soft S’. Barbra fumes over Siri pronunciation.

Actress/ Singer/ Legend Barbra Streisand was pretty upset when she heard how Siri pronounced her name. Siri is the ladies voice that knows everything on your iPhone. She is beyond reproach (or so you would think). But not when she came up against the legend known as Barbra Streisand. I would have to admit to being a big fan of Barbra from way back when she did A Star is Born in 1976. For those of us of that age group, she owns the role. But we would understand that she would not settle for anything less than perfection from her products. It just wouldn’t fit the profile of the person we all came to love way back then.

Apparently, it is well known in certain circles, that if you mispronounce “Streisand”, she will personally correct you. So it’s no surprise that she was not going to settle for a computer messing up her name. Apparently, when Barbra heard how Siri pronounced “Streisand” she contacted the CEO of Apple to correct it. During a recent interview Barbra was quoted as saying:

“She pronounces my name wrong.”

Barbra went on to explain:

“Streisand with a soft S, like sand on the beach. I’ve been saying this for my whole career.”

Well, why not? If you are Barbra Streisand and you call for the CEO of Apple, you can be sure the phone will be answered. And what’s more, you will be put through. Barbra has delivered so much to the world throughout her career, she deserves to have her name pronounced correctly. It’s a problem I can understand. And I have to admit to going out of my way to ensure it is written correctly. So I cannot fault her on this, and can only say that I still love her music. Her voice is unique, and instantly recognisable and when she arrived in this world, a star was truly born.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say for Barbra Streisand?  The World Card, a time of completion in many things in Barbra’s life. But that’s not to say she is finished. Barbra has many talents which she can now share with the world. I feel a good energy around her within the work circle. It’s like she is incapable of stopping. When something is complete, she simply moves onto the next thing. The Death Card shows the many recreations within Barbra. This is the card of new beginnings. There are so many roles she can fill, that boredom is not an option. Finally, the 8 of Swords, as Siri found out (its ok I know she’s a computer). Barbra is not to be messed with. Her direct approach saves time. It also saves a lot of hurt in the long run. This is how the lady works, like it or leave it. She is a legend.


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