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Sophia Bush shares her Christmas list.

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush shares her Christmas list.

Actress Sophia Bush has shared her ideas about Christmas shopping. Ideas which hopefully will help some people decide on what they can get for their family. She said she lives for the moment that a product shouts out a loved one’s name. Sophia appears to have it covered with just a few little cosmetics to cover almost everyone. Mom gets skin care, best friend gets eye makeup, secret Santa gets complexion brightener and the list of cosmetics goes on. She could be onto something here. Lots of tiny little bags instead of large bulky ones. The heap of presents under the tree might look a bit tiny though. I suppose you could put them in huge boxes just for the look on their faces. Imagine their face, while unwrapping layer upon layer to find an eyeshadow brush in the last package will be priceless.

To Sophia Bush: Thanks for the ideas. Although I can’t see any of the guys standing at a makeup counter trying to explain his wife skin tone to the poor assistant. No, us guys reckon she will love a train set or a racing car set just like us, I mean who doesn’t? As for those ladies, whose boyfriends are stealing their moisturiser, if it goes any further than that you need to have a talk. Seriously Sophia, I envy your powers of organisation. Yes, Mom is always the hardest to buy for. How do you buy a present that tells the most important person in the world, that she is the most important person in the world? This is the dilemma of the Holiday season every year.

Why not deal some cards out Sophia Bush, as my present to you?

The Devil Card:
Don’t panic, it has nothing to do with the devil. The card points more towards those little habits that we all have and we need to rectify. Everyone has little demons within which make us eat the wrong stuff, drink the wrong stuff, or hold onto habits we keep saying that one day we will defeat. Well, this is the year to do it. Your new year’s resolution should be to knock one of these out of your life.

The King of Coins:
This is the financial card for you until the New Year and into 2017. It looks like the year is on a good roll. Thing appears to be lining up nicely. When I see the king and I know all is well. I am always cautious to say put a bit aside for a rainy day. Although the card is saying this is nowhere in sight at the moment, we should always expect the unexpected. 2017 appears to keep you floating nicely, so there is no panic in sight. This is the perfect time to pave your way for the future.

The Hierophant Card:
This is the card of education. Life never stops educating us, no matter who we are or what stage we are in our lives. This year coming, you need to be open to new experience. Learning a new skill will serve you well on your journey. Although you have climbed a great hill in your career, this hill has many roads.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Like most of us, you appear to be starting the year with a plan of self-improvement. Unlike most of us, you will succeed. Provided you focus on one goal at a time. Opportunity to learn is vital and adds to your prospects. Some of these lessons will be in life and some will be with work. As an actress, a lesson in life will be used in your work, as art imitates life all too often. The outlook is light, so when you stand on the doorstep of the new year, span the months with your mind. Set simple but achievable targets for each. They will be your stepping stones on your journey. Have an amazing Holiday Season Sophia from all of us here at 7th Sense Psychics.


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