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Soul Window Of Lost Youth

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In the first three installments of the Sunday Soul Window (energetic life cycle commands from the higher self) series, we have addressed First Soul Window awakening of the young child, the Second Soul Window of youthful defiance and the Third Soul Window that marks the beginning of adulthood and the acceptance (or resistance) that you are no longer a child.

The Fourth Soul Window

This Fourth Soul Window is the abrupt and often horrified awareness that yes, you are going to age and get old! The excerpts are taken from my book Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine.

I think the best way to describe this particular Soul Window is; “OMG! Did I just find a wrinkle and a gray hair?” It opens up between the ages of 32 to around 39 years, give or take a year or two.

This is what I call the “tumbling tower” Soul Window and where you begin to reevaluate all your young adult choices. It is the age group where you see so many marriages fall apart after 7 to 10 years.

You make choices if something is not working, you decide to get rid of it, or make some serious life adaptations to compensate for your unhappiness. You move on, find a substitute or decide if you are going to mask the pain and unhappiness with anything to deaden the hurt and frustration you feel about your life.

Maturity creeps up on you whether you like it or not, even if wisdom does not follow. We start looking at the choices and decisions we made in our 20’s, asking if those choices will hold in the aging future of your soul’s journey.

This is the first Soul Window where you re-evaluate everything in your life; nothing is spared…. family, marriage, having children, career, health, aging and friends.

Whatever your soul’s script has prioritized is what will come up the strongest and demand the most attention.

The Same Old Pattern

Some people in this Soul Window decide to take a pass on this first big free will opportunity and do whatever it takes to make it go away or substitute it with a new and improved version of the same problem. Choosing different packaging and bouncing from one same relationship or job to another with different players but the same end game.

If you take a pass, you will not see it disappear and settle into the dust until you get older as in the old Pisces patterns of the past. Instead, the issue will come up again almost immediately, sometimes relentlessly until action is taken.

That is why now so many people are feeling overwhelmed with old issues they thought were gone and buried or never wanted to deal with in the first place.

Your Divine Self

If you still do not do anything about those subtle nudging messages of aging, your Divine self will step up the nudging to an energetic shove so it gets fairly obvious and so in your face, that an adult change is needed. All the signs will be talking to you.

You can be in victim mode or ask for the Divine assistance of strength to get through the challenge of making those changes. You keep hope of a powerful and positive outcome through your faith and prayer.

There is a big difference in the outcome of any situation based on what your choice will be. Still bearing in mind that nothing is being done TO you, your Divine self is part of who you are and you have agreed to this on some level. IT IS ALL YOU! These aging life changes are going to happen one way or another since you wrote them before entering into this life adventure.

You might as well do them on your own terms instead of being forcefully reminded that you did make the agreement. This is the choice of free will. You design the journey, the players and the tools that show up. How you choose to experience the journey is always up to you, whether you make the decision to change freely or be pushed into it.

One way or the other aging changes will come. It is you, who decides if the changes come in power or weakness. You are the one who designed this game and you are the one who makes the choices.

No one can do that for you, even as hard as you try to pass it off on others.

Just remember when you designed your life from wherever it is we rest between incarnations: experiencing a hurricane, auto wreck, loss of a loved one, health crisis or any other seemingly hard luck challenge seemed like a pretty good idea when you were writing your soul’s learning script. You were the one who decided it was the tool needed to accomplish your life journey.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Your Divine self is always completely detached (free will) on how you make your choices, just making sure the choices come about as you wrote them for this lifetime. The aging challenges WILL come but the important factor for growth is, how you deal with them? Are you going directly to negative victim mode of blame, anger and helplessness of past mistakes or are you going to persevere with faith and the inner strength, knowing that you can weather anything with the help of that Divine part of you? If you take the higher road, regardless of how things may appear at any given moment and have faith they will get better. Even if in that moment, you cannot see a way out.

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