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Soul Window of Young Adult Defiance!

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Second Soul Window: Young Adult Defiance

In the first installment of our Sunday Soul Window series, we talked about the soul awakening and becoming aware that it now has a new life journey but still has divine and maternal connection.

This second Soul Window awakening is when the veil once again lifts, the body is reprogrammed to learn what self identity is in order to bring about the life needed to accomplish what the soul has chosen to experience.

This particular Soul Window is where the soul stops remembering the divine source and instead is infused with a hefty dose of “It’s All About Me!” and let’s see what this body can really do! Sort of taking a fast car out for the first time and testing to see just how fast this baby will go and you better get the hell out of the way!

This second Soul Window opens around 14 or 15 years of age and continues through around the ages of 21 or 22, give or take a few years. It is hard to determine exact age as timelines are designed by agreement of the soul and the divine self, like a fingerprint of identity. Each one is unique for that soul.

What also makes it hard to pin down the exact timing of spiritual energetics is our age is always a year ahead of what we call a birthday. When we say we are 14 years of age, we are actually in our 15th year of life. So, bear with me on the approximate age of the Soul Windows.

This second Soul Window is one of the most tumultuous and challenging next to the one called Chiron Return (50th return year), which is generally labeled mid-life crisis, challenge or awakening.

Volcanic energetic awakening

At the second Soul Window, the soul is in the energetics similar to a new colt trying out its running legs. It also brings the big bang of self-awareness! This is when the 14 or 15-year-old goes into the hormonal insanity of being a teenager.

They have all the doubts, new feelings and new awareness that their life should belong only to them. You have a volcanic energetic awakening that looks like “My life, my body, my way!” If you have not given strong foundations of rolling with the flow to your offspring, you have one strung out temperamental soul having a power surge of new life discovery!

They have to walk the energetic balance beam of being in awe of their new journey but they must also be taught respect; honoring themselves and others.

The drive of wanting to do their life exactly the way they want to do it is sometimes overwhelming and of course, that is when strong, loving and compassionate if not exasperated parental guidance comes big into play.

Soul’s energy in hyper-overdrive

The soul’s energy is in hyper-overdrive believing they can leap off high buildings, drive 100 miles an hour, drink a fifth of whiskey and do massive amounts of drugs without any consequence of paying the price or getting caught.

You can compare this energetic shift to the scene in the movie of Home Alone, when the young child discovers he has the whole house to himself and can do anything he wants!

They are hypersensitive and plugged in full tilt to all new emotions and feelings of false power. It feels fabulous and horrible at the same time! They are over the top and cannot get enough!

This is the Soul Window where future consequences are rarely taken into account. One of them being that the young adult believes they will NEVER get old like their parents!

As life shows us, it does eventually calm down, thank God! It is an extremely tough time for parenting to learn how to walk between setting the boundaries of authority and being compassionate to their child’s journey.

This is the phase you will see mirrored back to you as a parent in bright neon lights, the old saying, “the fruit never falls too far from the tree.” Your children will be wonderful gifts to you, mirroring back your own issues that you also came to address in life.

The next installment of the Soul Window series will be the 3rd Window, all about making grown up choices for the first time, nesting, realizing they are not indestructible and might just want to leave a lineage of self behind.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Having been one of those rebellious, head strong teenagers that no one could tell me what to do or scare me enough to not push everything full tilt, the best advice in dealing with this Soul Window awakening is to always remember during those ages, is the young adult is like a sponge.

Teach by example, carry a big stick (don’t use it just let them see it!) and find all the compassion in you to remember what it was like when you were that age. That is the hardest part of trying to relate to an unreasonable young adult because as we move from one Soul Window to the next, we have selective memory. Conveniently forgetting our contribution to the chaos and only remembering from our perspective.

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