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Soulmate or Something Else?


Soulmate or Something Else?

Much is spoken about the bells and whistles of the soulmate connection. By definition, the significant other offers the opportunity to evolve together on your joint souls’ purpose. When you have actually met your soulmate then the hype around this connection and the laws of synchronicity live up to the over the top expectations. All good!

Except for the times when it’s not so good. And during the early stages of what you believe to be your soulmate relationship, should you be ok with the misguided belief that it’s ok to sweep a few red flags under the rug and tolerate less than acceptable behaviors? If the intensity of this connection is felt through ever fiber of your being then would it hurt to make a few allowances?

The less desirable realities of a soulmate connection contradict everything you have been led to believe so far. Of course, as we have pointed out many times, a soulmate can take many forms and yes it is possible to have more than one in your life time. But how do you know if the characteristics within your wondrous soul-mated being are the real deal or merely your own idealized projections? Simply speaking, have you transferred your personal positivity and purity of heart and spirit onto your intended target having labelled this individual as your soulmate?

Whatever situation you find yourself in, the law of attraction says you will attract more of the same. The world is absolutely a mirror, and so your energy is reflected back to you, a difficult concept to swallow during the challenges but perhaps it is a ‘tough love’ lesson in ditching victimization for personal accountability. Your healthy self esteem says that you are deserving of your holy grail. Conversely, any limiting self beliefs will state that you don’t deserve better than mediocre treatment.

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And so, how do you know whether you have truly hit the soulmate star prize or been hoodwinked into accepting the rather less than salubrious booby prize?

First of all, consider the circumstances in which this fated and magical connection entered your life. Can you state that you were truly the best version of yourself, or a mere work in progress? Were you waiting for someone to come along with their magic wand and make life wonderful? This is an important consideration. Believing that someone outside of yourself will heal and nurture a hurt within you that they did not create is an exercise in futility. Has your potential soulmate repackaged themselves and presented a version of yourself to you because perhaps you have something that they want?

I have guided many individuals who believe that they have met their soulmate, only to find themselves devastated when their knight in shining armor has demonstrated less than honorable behaviors, leaving as abruptly as they arrived. The unbreakable bond becomes non-existent. A soulmate shows up, and stays. They nurture and enhance what is within you and unconsciously assist in your rise and evolution into a higher state of consciousness. They make space in their life for you no matter what their schedule. If your soulmate is your priority and you feel like one of their options, then consider that this connection is not all that it’s cracked up to be. You are not be on the same page!

Diana-Julie’s Verdict

There is always a reason why someone new enters your world, and not everyone may have your integrity. Whilst it may feel exciting to take a leap of faith in the name of soulmate romance, don’t forget to take your brain with you! And if someone is moving a little too quickly for your liking, believing you are their soulmate, if you’re not feeling it, nip it in the bud early on. Offer the kindness that you would wish for yourself. Ultimately, find the balance between divine timing and time-served. Your intuition is your best ally and will guide you if you choose to listen.

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  1. Here is what is for me a soulmate. All the souls that cross our roads, whatever the situation, are contracts of souls. People who come into our lives to help us evolve, understand, grow. Reflecting parts of us who are working. The SOULMATE, the one of which many speak, meets only once and then is there for the existences to follow. The problem is that a very small part of humans have had the chance. The reason is simple. To be able to attract this SOULMATE, our double in the opposite polarity, so masculine energy and feminine energy. Only meets when we have evolved and this two parts, to be in divine perfection. So when we have nothing to learn, finally on earth. It is the meeting of our feminine divine part and our masculine divine part. Just like Divine Father (God) and Divine Mother (Shekinah). So be patient, and work at raising yourself rather than telling stories.