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Spiritual Stargazing


Mesmerizing Stargazing

There is nothing more mesmerizing than the night sky filled with sparkling stars, moon and glimpses of other planets in our solar system. There is something truly calming for the starved soul to see that we are part of a bigger picture that we see in the darkness of the sky.

If so inclined, a deeper understanding of our solar system and of astronomy can be spiritually instructive. It can serve as a metaphor to help us better understand God and creation.

For example, Ptolemy, in the 2nd century, came up with a model of the solar system, based on Earth as its center. Because of this erroneous point of view, he made what is actually a simple, orderly system seem complicated.

Planets viewed from the suns perspective, the center of the solar system, is a place from where it’s simple to understand the motion of the planets and how we as a human beings are part of that solar system and gravitate around a center of a divine creation.

Over-Complicating Things

Just as Ptolemy misidentified the center of the solar system, adding smaller planet rotations on top of smaller planet rotations to explain simple planet movement, we can make our lives complicated and discouraging when we misidentify our focal point as ourselves or other people, instead of the God Spark and Self Truth that lies within us.

We can grow discouraged by what at first appears to be progress in our healing efforts and spiritual understanding, only to be followed by apparent setbacks. We might look at our lives and see only confusion and hopelessness. We may even hypothesize that there is no higher power or that God left and that we must depend on our own cleverness.

In this complicated model of life; illness, wars, disasters and accidents seem integral to existence. Deception, falsehoods, immoral and unethical behavior, selfishness and biological drive are seen as the means for the fittest to attain wealth, power, purpose, and privilege. With these as role models for being powerful and in control of your life, one questions where the love is?

Stagazing Meditation

Stargazing meditation is an easy and readily available way to connect with self and Universe and find that peace and calm where love resides within us.

Since the beginning of time, humans have gazed at the stars in the night sky with awe, seeking in their luminosity everything from answers to inspiration to guidance. We have emerged from our contemplations with stories of gods and goddesses, maps of the universe, astrology, astronomy, math, and art.

We have worshipped, wondered, and even ventured out into space in an attempt to understand their magical essence. We know more now than we ever have about what those celestial lights are, how far away they reside and what will happen to them over time, but facts and information are still no substitute for experiencing them yourself.

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How to Stargaze

One of the best ways of stargazing is to go outside, find a comfortable space and lie down on a blanket so that your body can fully relax. This position allows your breath to move easily through your quiet form as you settle down into the earth, connecting your consciousness to the sky. Look deeply into its vastness, allowing your awareness to alternate between the pinpoints of light and the blue-black space that holds them, being aware of your breath expanding and contracting your body, just as the universe expands and contracts to its own eternal rhythm.

This breath exercise can bring about a feeling as though you are floating amidst the stars or that they are raining down upon you. You have the potential to feel peacefulness, joy and connectedness or any of a full range of emotions. Simply continue to breathe deeply and experience the wonder of this universe and your place within it, allowing the night sky to lift up your spirits and release the heavy burdens you feel weighted down with.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Stargazing is one of the easiest forms of meditation and basically all it takes is a blanket and about 15 minutes of your time. You will find that the more you experience this spiritual calm connection with the stars, planets and basically the Universe, you will begin to feel the connection of being part of something amazing. In turn, doesn’t that make you amazing also?

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