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How did Steve Harvey relive Pageant blunder?

Steve Harvey Miss Universe

How did Steve Harvey relive Pageant blunder?

Steve Harvey is famous enough in his own right. However, he gained an extra step on the ladder of fame when he declared the wrong winner at the annual Miss Universe. A title I find strange, as we don’t know how beautiful or ugly aliens might me when we find them. Apart from the fact that beauty is not defined by calorie intake or how many layers of war-paint you can put on to look like a plastic doll. Let’s put aside my personal grievance about beauty pageants. Steve did the one thing that all presenters of such shows dread. He announced the wrong winner. To this day it still haunts him. How embarrassing it must have been to tell poor Miss Colombia “sorry, you’re only second best, the best is Miss Philippines”. Now do you see my problem?

To Steve Harvey:
My heart goes out to you. It’s a difficult enough place to be in where you must break many hearts with a few words. When those words are uttered, someone breathes a sigh of relief. They finally know that all their hard work has paid off. They start to celebrate and their families and friends are dancing in celebration. Then bang, so sorry it’s not you. Tears of joy just turn to tears. Well, I’m not really helping you here, but I can so understand your embarrassment and even horror at that moment. It has got to be one of your worst moments and for that, I have the greatest sympathy.

Let us ask the cards for some guidance for Steve Harvey.

The Two of Cups:
Here is someone who feels deeply. You spend your life making other people laugh because it makes you feel good. Unfortunately for those who feel deeply, they also hurt deeply. I would say that the mix-up with the results of the pageant hit hard. As a father, you would have dreaded your daughter to be in a situation like this. Having said that, every father feels his daughter is the most beautiful in the world. That’s what dads do.

The Four of Cups:
This is the card of emotional balance. A man who loves his family dearly. Yes, you have had your problems in the past. There is a need to be supported by your family as you move through life. You were not cut out to walk this life alone, nor will you ever have to. The number four has long been used for balance and support, you only have to look at the legs on a chair to understand that one.

The Magician:
A man of many talents. You have already proved that you can do comedy which is possibly the hardest thing to do in the world. It takes a certain person to be able to stand up there and bring laughter to a person’s life. Even at times when your own life may be struggling. Yet it is what you were born to do. The coming year appears to offer you another road to walk. You have already proven that you are a man of many gifts, let’s see what this one is.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Four minutes of pure hell is an adequate description. I’m sure it was horrible and the cards say as an emotional person and as a father this would have hit twice as hard. According to the cards this memory will make you cautious in the future, but it will also be a conversation piece. Everyone knows it wasn’t your fault, you’re too good a person for that. 2017 appears to show an opportunity to step into some new shoes workwise. Be open to new experiences, it has never frightened you before, so why would it now?


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