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Steve Irwin’s Widow, Terri Irwin, Shares Heartfelt Tribute To What Would Have Been Their 25th Anniversary

Steve Irwin ’s Widow Shares Heartfelt Tribute

Steve Irwin’s Widow, Terri Irwin, Shares Heartfelt Tribute To What Would Have Been Their 25th Anniversary

Terri Irwin and Steve Irwin were definitely soulmates. The 52-year-old naturalist shared a touching tribute to her late husband earlier this week on what would have been their 25th anniversary. “Today would have been our 25th wedding anniversary. I miss you so very much, and I am grateful every day for the time we had together,” Terri wrote on Twitter alongside a black-and-white photo of the two kissing with an iguana on their heads. The couple was married for 14 years before Steve died in September 2006 from being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb. Since his death, Terri has stated that she has had no interest in dating; telling ET in 2015 that she still felt “immense love and loyalty to Steve” and already had her “happily ever after.” The Irwin family continues carrying on Steve’s legacy by being dedicated to nature conservation. The couple’s son, 13-year-old Robert appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he spoke about his work with animals and the Australia Zoo. Bindi Irwin praised her little brother’s appearance by sharing a heartfelt message on Instagram. “I’m beyond proud of you tonight Robert! You are such an extraordinary human being and inspire us all. Love you so much!” Something tells us Steve would be proud.

And don’t believe those pesky rumors: Terri Irwin is not dating Russell Crowe or anyone else, for that matter. In a recent interview with Access Hollywood Live, Irwin, joined by her daughter Bindi, addressed recent tabloid reports surrounding her and the 53-year-old Australian actor. “He’s very lucky to be embroiled in all of these great rumors,” Irwin joked. “We are friends so he contacted me and asked me if there was something he should know!” While Crowe has been a great supporter of the Irwin’s wildlife reserve in Australia, Irwin denied having anything more than a strong friendship with the actor. “He’s a great guy but absolutely just a dear friend. The saying goes, when it comes to friends I’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies and he’s definitely a quarter.” The feeling seems to be mutual. Earlier this year, Crowe gave props to Irwin on Twitter for continuing her late husband’s conservation of wildlife at the Australia Zoo. The mom of two said she’s made the choice to stay single since her husband’s death in 2006 for one particular reason: “I haven’t dated anyone in the ten years since we lost Steve just because I feel a connection still with Steve. You know when you take those vows and say ‘we’ll be together as long as we both shall live,’ I really don’t think I would’ve married if I hadn’t met Steve. And he’s very special to me and continues to be. And I’ve got beautiful kids and a lot of wonderful conservation work, so, I’m lonely for Steve but I’m not a lonely person.” Irwin’s daughter Bindi said she just wants her mom to be happy, regardless of relationship status. “Honestly, all I want in life in mom’s happiness,” the 18-year-old said. “What people sometimes forget is that when you find your soul mate, if you’ve found that soul mate you really don’t want to move on. So, mom had her soul mate and mom and dad will always be married and will always be together.”

Steve And Terri Irwin Not Only Had Love For Each Other But A Mutual Fierce Passion For Animal Conservation Which Bonded Them Even Closer

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Because the Irwin family has chosen to continue on with Steve’s commitment shows what kind of man he was in honoring his legacy.

King of Swords: Inverted (Upside Down)
This card is a male with contracts and advice, sometimes cruel. Since the card was inverted, I feel this represents Terri making the choice to continue on with Steve’s work even though possibly advised against it.

Six of Pentacles:
This card is sharing of love and gifts. This pretty much says it all about the relationship Terri and Steve had and the family carries forward.

Knight of Wands:
This card is wanting freedom to do what one wants to and impatience. I believe this card represents Steve and what he was trying to create while he was alive. He just wanted everyone to “get it” about protecting wild animal from extinction.


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